iheard.com – Online radio search engine

I spend a lot time in front of my computer working on my blogs, gaming, managing office work, etc. I love to listen to some slow rock, r&b and pop while working. That is were online radio’s come into play, providing me with an unending amount of songs to listen to.

iheard is a Internet Radio search engine that makes it easy for people to find their favorite internet radio stations by providing an easy to use search interface and directory with thousands of stations organized by genre, country and language. iheard does not host or stream radio stations, they only connect listeners with stations around the world.

For the ease of its users, a directory comprised of various stations that organized by genre, country, language, or popular can be found on its landing page. I feel iheard is a good choice for listening to music in your office as it does not have advertisments or spyware on the site.

Happy listening !!!

iheard.com – Online radio search engine
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