Musicovery.com – An easy way to discover new music

Yesterday I had written about iheard. While doing some research on the topic I came across musicovery and now im addicted to it.

Musicovery lets you choose and explore music by mood, style, genre, decade and much more. Mix and match filters and customize your internet radio experience to suit your tastes, even if that happens to be dark energetic pop or jazz from the 80s.

Each time you change your preferences in the nav bar the music selector jumps across the screen and plays another song. Genres are color-coded and really add to the aesthetic appeal of the experience. There’s a large selection of music to listen to as well, from jazz to classical, hip hop, world, rock and so much more. You can even scroll around the map and choose songs manually. For users with a good internet connection there’s no lag or song loading time, so you can expect smooth listening from start to finish.

The downside about Musicovery is that songs play in a noticeable lo-fi format, reserving the better quality for paid users. Subscriptions are reasonably priced but the registration process is confusing and hints at a number of hidden sign-up fees. It’s much better to stick with the free version and enjoy the thrill of musical exploration. For a really interesting experience, try unchecking the “hit” box and select “discovery”. You’ll unearth a ton of obscure bands you just might learn to love.

Musicovery is a great way to find new songs and play with different styles of music. It isn’t really a game, but it’s got the same sense of exploration and fun as any web toy on the internet.

 Sorry for another post of online radio but I really loved this one. Its my friends birthday, time for me to run….

Update – Musicovery shut down and the site is no longer working

Musicovery.com – An easy way to discover new music
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