Remove iPhone User Tracking Data

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With the recent discovery that Apple tracks the location of its iPhone users. The information is stored in a unencrypted consolidated.db file in iOS 4+ devices. A copy is also kept on the users computer when synced with iTunes. GPS waypoints, cell tower info and wifi connection details were being stored in the this file. Many security suites like Oxygen Forensic Suite allowed reviewers to view the data and get a fair idea of where the person has been.

Stop iPhone from tracking user location

First you need to have a jailbroken phone. This might seem hard to people who havent done it before but its actually very easy. Don’t worry about loosing warranty, if you want you can restore the phone using iTunes and everything goes back to the way it was when you got the phone. Just go to jailbreakme.com on your phone and follow instruction, it only takes 2 minutes. You can also see LifeHacker’s updated Jailbreaking Guide.

Now you should have Cydia installed on your Jailbroken iPhone. We need to install Untrackerd from Cydia and you are all set.

There are no settings or icons for Untrackerd, it installs a daemon process in the background cleaning up all the location data stored by the device in the consolidated.db file. Easy and simple, unless you like being tracked get this installed.

Remove iPhone User Tracking Data
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