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Vodafone Live GPRS Settings for Windows Mobile Phones

vodafone-liveCall or go to a Vodafone customer service center and they will tell you that Vodafone Live does not work with Windows Mobile Phones. They would then ask you to opt for the expensive Vodafone Live Connect which is almost the same except for the Rs199 (5$) rental they charge every month. So, instead of wasting that money let me just show you the Vodafone Live GPRS settings for windows mobile phones in India.

Vodafone Live GPRS Settings for Windows Mobile Phones

  1. Go to Settings > Connections > Connections on your phone.
  2. You phone should automatically have Vodafone_www (This is done from the sim card)
  3. Click Add a new modem connection
  4. Enter a new name for the connection (eg. Vodafone Live)
  5. Select a modem > Cellular GPRS / 3G, Click Next
  6. Access Point name > portalnmms, click Next
  7. Click Finish
  8. On the connections screen, go to Setup Proxy Server
  9. The two checkboxes on this page must be checked.
  10. Click Advanced
  11. Enter settings given in Step 12 for both HTTP and WAP
  12. Server >, Port > 9401
  13. Username, Password and Domain should be left blank.
  14. Go to Mange Connections, make sure the new connection you made is selected.
  15. Go to Advanced Tab > Select Networks > Choose the connection you made as default for both.

Now you should be able to browse both HTTP and WAP sites using Vodafone Live settings given above, instead on the WAP only restriction for other phones.

Watch the quick mobile screencast above if you have any doubts with the steps above. PS – Sorry for the bad quality.

Vodafone Live GPRS Settings for Windows Mobile Phones
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  • Arsento

    I read a few topics. I respect your work and added blog to favorites.

  • Sam

    Hi Alfred,

    Thanks for the settings. I tried them out once, and they seemed to work, but after that I restarted my phone, and now it doesn’t show me the ‘Set up Proxy Server’ link on the Connections screen :( It only shows ‘Add new connection’ and ‘Manage existing Connections.’

    When I go to ‘Manage Existing’ it doesn’t show me the default ‘Vodafone’ either :(
    Please help!


  • @Sam, Think you can go to Advanced and choose Vodafone from the network list. Once that is done you should be able to see the proxy again.

  • Mhammed rafi

    thank you Alfred…

    last few months i was searching for it..
    now i got it..
    thanks a lot

  • ajeet

    thanaks dude it is working on my htc k-jam mobile phone… thx also plz post setting for airtel…

  • Sorry Ajeet, I do not have an Airtel sim so havent checked out their plans

  • Kamesh

    Does it works in HTC touch, i have tried it is not working.

  • that video above in me using these settings on an HTC Touch, so yes it works. Maybe you missed a step or some setting was entered incorrectly.

    Oh and just to confirm, this was done with Vodafone in Karnataka, India

  • mihir

    hi when i connect i got connected but the r charging for it
    is it free

  • @mihir
    Of course it is not free ! Standard vodafone live gprs charges apply. The only thing I have shown you here it to get it working on windows mobile phones.

  • anoopsingh

    could u tell me how i could operate internet on my laptop with vodafhone live active in window mobile

  • setup USB internet sharing on your phone and you should be good to go

  • Manoj


    Can you please tell me if it works in HTC AT&T Fuze P4600 in India. I am using a Vodafone postpaid connection. I have modified the settings according to the Video provided. But I am not able to connect to Internet.

    I will be very thankful to you if you can provide me a solution.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Bidz


    I have tried the above mentioned settings in my Windows phone. But the GPRS is still not working. My handset is SE-Aspen and it uses WIndows MObile 6.5. Please help me set up the GPRS settings.


  • The Vodafone settings given here are for Indian users.. the settings might be different in your country

  • dhirendra

    yes it work on ASUS PDA527

  • Dnyaneshwar Gaikwad

    thanks for settings but,when I download sons or applications or game or anything there is one massage > error this device is restricted from downloading this file type

  • Dnyaneshwar Gaikwad

    thanks for settings but, when I download sons or applications or game or anything there is one massage> error this device is restricted from downloading this file type

  • Sushant

    Works like magic for Samsung Omnia W. Thanks !!!

  • sudhi

    thanks a lot it works. One thing to note is, we just have to tap (long press) on newly created connection (vodafone_www) and select “connect”

  • vishnu

    Can you please tell me vodafone GPRS settings for “HTC surround AT&T” .its a imported phone and i am not getting the path to connect it.please help me set up windows 7.5 settings

  • Manoj

    Thanks Alfred,

    Your each article is worth millions as you are giving the info and resources what Vodafone is keeping secret from public.


  • karthik kolekondla

    hi alfred, iam using lumia 900 windows 7.5 ,iam not able to connect even though doing all these settings could u please help me …i already have three months 3g subscription from nokia as an offer but net doesnt work :(

  • Bhuiyas Bhuiyas

    I want GPRS settings for vodafone live Samsung C6625. above settings not working.