Vodafone Live GPRS Settings for Windows Mobile Phones

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Call or go to a Vodafone customer service center and they will tell you that Vodafone Live does not work with Windows Mobile Phones. They would then ask you to opt for the expensive Vodafone Live Connect which is almost the same except for the Rs199 (5$) rental they charge every month. So, instead of wasting that money let me just show you the Vodafone Live GPRS settings for windows mobile phones in India.

Vodafone Live GPRS Settings for Windows Mobile Phones

  1. Go to Settings > Connections > Connections on your phone.
  2. You phone should automatically have Vodafone_www (This is done from the sim card)
  3. Click Add a new modem connection
  4. Enter a new name for the connection (eg. Vodafone Live)
  5. Select a modem > Cellular GPRS / 3G, Click Next
  6. Access Point name > portalnmms, click Next
  7. Click Finish
  8. On the connections screen, go to Setup Proxy Server
  9. The two checkboxes on this page must be checked.
  10. Click Advanced
  11. Enter settings given in Step 12 for both HTTP and WAP
  12. Server >, Port > 9401
  13. Username, Password and Domain should be left blank.
  14. Go to Mange Connections, make sure the new connection you made is selected.
  15. Go to Advanced Tab > Select Networks > Choose the connection you made as default for both.

Now you should be able to browse both HTTP and WAP sites using Vodafone Live settings given above, instead on the WAP only restriction for other phones.

Watch the quick mobile screencast above if you have any doubts with the steps above. PS – Sorry for the bad quality.

Vodafone Live GPRS Settings for Windows Mobile Phones
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