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Windows Mobile Facebook 1.2 Download

Facebook app for windows mobile allows users to check facebook, read messages in their inbox, visit friends profiles, view their photos and see a phonebook with their friends phone numbers in Facebook.

For as long as I have used Facebook app on my windows mobile phone it has been version 1.1. Finally we see an update on the Windows Marketplace that a new Facebook 1.2 app has been released for non touch screen windows mobile phones. However there was no update for Windows Mobiel touch screen phones at the Marketplace. So, we searched around and found an extracted version of the app that can be installed on all windows mobile phones.

What are the features of Windows Mobile Facebook 1.2

  • Icons and numbers show the comment on each post
  • Can comment on posts
  • Read other comments
  • Like posts
  • Search and add friends

So this extracted version of the Facebook app was made by a user of the XDA Forums which mainly focuses on software for HTC phones.

Download Windows Mobile Facebook app

Sources : NirmalTV, PocketNow

Windows Mobile Facebook 1.2 Download
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  • Tandarts Verwije

    Pretty good article. I saw a site with a post exactly identical to this one a couple of hours ago. This article is a week older so I assume they have just copied and changed it. I am not accusing you of plagiarism it’s merely just it is out there. I can’t remember the website, sorry (age thing)

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    facebook messenger free downlond

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