Download Facebook Photos and Albums

Recently I lost a whole batch of photos from my computer. Luckily I had uploaded them to Facebook. Even though the resolution of the pics in Facebook are lower than the originals, my best bet to get back my photos were to download the photos from Facebook.

How to Download Facebook Photos and Albums

Facebook Album Downloader is a small 1MB application that allows you to download photos from Facebook. You can download either entire photos albums or photos in which you were tagged.

The application is quite simple to use. After downloading it, you need to sign in with your Facebook account. The app will then show you a list of friends who have tagged you in their photo albums.

Choose either that friends from whose account you like to download phots you were tagged in or click on your own name to download your photos and albums.

The download process is quite fast, on a slow DSL connection it managed to download over 100 pictures in less that 2 minutes.

Download Album Downloader

Download Facebook Photos and Albums
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