FlauntR.com – One click photo effects

Nowadays everyone has a mobile with a megapixel camera and online photo galleries. Want your photos to stand out ? Don’t know Photoshop ? FlauntR is the solution for you !! With FlauntR you can apply cool digital frames and effects to your photos. The effects are professional looking and previously were only available to very high tech crowd.

Just upload the picture from your computer, click on the desired effect and share it with the world. Its really that easy and flauntR provides thousands of one-click effects.

The options are absolutely endless and now your photos can be personal again.


FlauntR.com – One click photo effects
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Alfred M :Alfred is a Pilot & Tech blogger from Bangalore, India. He has worked with DSL providers like AOL, SBC, Verizon & Covad as a tech specialist. Currently he is pursuing a career in aviation.