Free FLV Editor – Edit and save parts from FLV videos

Everyone downloads flash movies from Youtube, Google Video among a host of other sites. Recently we had written an article on how to save youtube videos in HD. You might only want a small part of the flv file that was downloaded. This tools will help you with editing the FLV file.

RichFLV is an AdobeAir application that allows you to edit FLV files. The application is fairly simple to install since Adode Air makes it simple to download and install the app.

The FLV video editor can read meta data of the video file, it can also read and edit the cue points in the videos.  The red slider at the bottom of the application allows you to select and export parts of the FLV file. Saving the cut part just takes seconds.

The app can also change the sound track of the video. You may also convert the sound to mp3 format. Lastly, exporting to  swf format is also supported.

The app can be used to extract and mp3 from music video files.

Download RichFLV FLV Editor

Free FLV Editor – Edit and save parts from FLV videos
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