Get Original Size Photo from Flickr

I’ve been interested in Photography for a few months now and most photographers seem to share pictures on Flickr. If you like to share photos its definitely the place to be.

Once pictures are uploaded to Flickr, it resizes them to fit viewing in different sizes on the site. Clicking on the all sizes button above a picture will show you the different sizes of the picture that can be downloaded. Unfortunately the max size is limited here. It does not give you an options to download the actual photos that was uploaded into Flickr.

First you will need either Firefox or Safari as your browser. Head over to Flickr Original Bookmarklet and grab it. Restart your browser and follow the instructions.

There was an awesome service called Get Flickr but that does not work anymore. If you are willing to spend the time, this post on Flickr File name theory might prove interesting and can help you download all size images.

Get Original Size Photo from Flickr
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