JAlbum.net – free web photo album

Ever wanted to host your own photo album without using services like Flickr, Slide, etc ? Well that was my requirement when I wanted to host a photo album.

JAlbum makes web albums from your digital images while giving you the freedom to publish to your own site. It supports 31 languages at present.

 JAlbum allows you to customise the look by choosing skins, color themes, layouts, picture and thumbnail sizes, music, navigation, etc.

Creating albums are easy, justdrag and drop the folder containing the pictures into JAlbum and press the Make Album button. It also allows you to add files to the albums. Here is an album I created recently.

You can find all the features of JAlbum here. Good free web album creator if you need to host the album on your site.

Went for a medical exam today, got so many injections can hardly move my arm :-(

JAlbum.net – free web photo album
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