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Make movies easily from text

Imagine you had an awesome joke or a script that would have made a good Youtube video. There is an application that can do just that ! Now everyone can make simple videos to tell a story using the service from Xtranormal. Its simple you just type the script text and its animated actors will talk and make the movie for you.

Xtranormal is a text to movie service that allow you to make movies by just typing in text, choosing actors and emotions. Its really simple to use and comes as an online service as well as a downloadable desktop software known as State.

There are multiple actors to choose from as well as background sounds, expressions, camera directions and a host of other features. You can choose between a single actor or two actors speaking to each other. The online service is pretty basic and makes (what I felt) were low quality movies compared to the desktop client.

There is a lot to explore and honestly I did not take the time to test the service completely. I happened to see a few well made videos on Youtube that were made using this service and wanted to get the word out to my readers. There are tons of videos available on Xtranormal’s website as well. Hope you can have some fun with Xtranormal.

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