Web 2.0 Button Generator

Have you been searching for an easy way to make Web 2.0 Style Button ? Don’t know how to use photoshop ? Then you need an online button generator !

If you need the Web 2.0 look and don’t want to spend money loads of money on software that makes button, then MyCoolButton is the best free button maker around.

You can create these buttons in 4 simple steps.

  1. Setup size – Choose a size between 94 – 194 pixels
  2. Setup color – Try to choose colours that are not too bright for the best effects.
  3. Setup icon – If you need an icon or your logo on the button you can add it here.
  4. Setup font– Arial, Tahoma, Rockwell and Swiss are my favourites.

 Note that you will have to click the Apply Changes button for effects to show.

That’s it download and use the images.

In the next main post, I will tell you how to add reflections to your existing images to give it a Web 2.0 look.

Web 2.0 Button Generator
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