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25 free softwares for HTC Touch or any Windows Mobile phone

htct.jpgA month back I had written about my phone, the HTC Touch. There are many programs for Windows Mobile phones but most of them are paid. So, I decided to make a list of atleast 25 freeware that is a must have on these phones. Hope you guys like the list, do add any other software you know about in the comments.

Free Software for Windows Mobile Phones

01. Flash SMS – FlashSMS is an easy-to-use software to send flash SMS messages right from your windows mobile powered smartphone (WM5 or better required). Flash SMS messages are equal to normal SMS messages except that they appear directly on the mobile display without selecting the message after receiving it.

02. PDA FullScreen Keyboard – One of the biggest problems with the Touch was sending SMS without using the stylus. This keyboard will help you forget quite easily the old days when inserting a piece of text on your Pocket PC was a problem!

03. Tone Manager – This is a small app for the Pocket PC to choose different ringtones for your contacts on a per-category basis, with the option to choose which category takes priority in the event of a contact belonging to more than one category.

04. Task Manager – The Task manager application is a bunch of several useful tools in just one tool. Includes Process manager, CPU usage, Application Manager, Service Manager, Device Manager, Windows Manager, Notification Manager, IP Config utility, Ping utility, Net Stats utility, Registry Editor & Run program utility.

05. Quick Menu – QuickMenu is a start-menu which is very similar to Windows XP start menu.

06. VS Painter LE – Photoshop like image editing application with pretty good effects. (Choose LE download link)

07. VSnap – vSnap is a small and simple screen capture utility for Pocket PCs.

08. Call Firewall – CallFirewall basically rejects unwanted calls. Allows you to control the calls you receive.

09. Clear Temp – ClearTemp is an application for you to free up memory on your device. It allows you to clear temporary/unused files and unused registry keys/values on your system easily. It also allows you to clear your Recent Program List, Internet Address History and boot count.

10. NoteM – Voice Notes Recorder with MP3 encoding (NoteM) was implemented as an alternative to build-in Notes application’s voice recording feature. It gives you approximately 5.5 compression rate as compared to Notes default recording mode.

11. Real Player – Real Player for your phon, need I say more…

12. Pocket eSword – eSword is feature rich and user friendly bible, being very religious as I am, it helps to have the Bible when I want to look up something.

13. GSPlayer – A simple audio player with support for SHOUTcast streaming playback. Other features include MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Wave format playback, 10 bands equalizer, PLS/M3U playlist support, Surround / Bassboost effects, Reverb / Echo effects, Noiseless playback.

14. KeePass – Store account names, passwords, credit card numbers, etc safely on your phone.

15. PocketTV – PocketTV is a MPEG Movie Player and VCD Player for Windows Mobile. PocketTV takes full advantage of all the features of Windows Mobile 6 and 5 Professional, Standard and Classic devices, such as Landscape display, soft-keys, on-the-fly display rotation, VGA resolution, 800×480 wide-screens, etc.

16. FLITE – Its a full text to speech system with various APIs, as well as an environment for development and research of speech synthesis techniques. Kinda like Microsoft SAM in XP.

17. Yahoo Mobile Go – Yahoo apps for your phone, includes Yahoo messenger, contact book, search, calendar, etc.

18. PeekPocket – PeekPocket is a hassle-free Wifi AP scanner for Windows Mobile. Very useful when walking around looking for a Wifi connection to connect to :wink:

19. Adobe Flash Player – Enables to view Flash content on the phone.

20. PocketPicture – It is a free graphic editor. It is useful to draw small icons as well as painting or editing rather big images.

21. Divx Player – Allows playing Divx coded videos. DivX Mobile Player will try to play any video on any device, but playback performance will depend on the phone’s processor speed.

22. PocketDivXEncoder – Allows you to encode any video clip with optimized parameters for handled devices (landscape mode, 240×320, low CPU usage, increased brightness, etc).

23. MSS Converter – MSS converter allow you to convert whatever you want : Currencies, distances, masses, etc… The currencies are automaticaly updating when you connect your device to ActiveSync, and that’s a good point…

24. ActiveSync Toggle – ActiveSync… that wonderful Microsoft program for synchronising data between your PDA and PC. Microsoft have yet to include a facility to ‘Load ActiveSync at Startup’ or even an ‘Exit’ option from the System Tray Icon. If, like us, you don’t sync your PDA every minute of the day, it means ActiveSync is sitting around in memory using up valuable resources. ActiveSync Toggle allows you to either load or unload ActiveSync from memory whilst also removing the registry key that automatically loads it upon starting Windows.

25. Shadow Of Legend – Did you know that there was a MMORPG for phones !!!! Its true Shadow Of Legend is a free MMORPG for your phone. (MMORPG = Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, like World of Warcraft)

Hope you guys liked the post.

If you really liked all the software here, you could buy me a beer

25 free softwares for HTC Touch or any Windows Mobile phone
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  • Batraxos

    thanks you very much!!

  • Alfred

    I lost all my contacts while using ActiveSync on a new comp. Luckily I had a backup on my other phone. To avoid such situations use
    NS Contacts Backup (Pocket PC) 1.2

  • Alfred

    I dont know about any software other than ActiveSync.
    You can ask this question on the xda forums, they will know everything related to these phones.

  • Lalit

    Need help for HTC touchflow phone with some Sync software for Desktop, the one that comes with the phone is very bad cause all it does is sync from PC to Phone and ignores the changes done on the phone.


  • Santo

    Thanks Man

  • ralphiec

    i cant get the clear temp to download to my computer a lil help please.


    I’ve uploaded it to rapidshare, try to download here

  • menon

    hi, the full screne keyboard doesn’t work with the htc touch!

  • Every software mentioned here works on the Touch cause I am using all of them !!!

    I am sure you downloaded the wrong version of the full screen keyboard

  • Kumar.A.P.P

    Nice find buddy…Thankx for the link, definitely a worthwhile posts…

  • moka

    thx alot man i just got ma htc touch a day ago an it was kinda boring but now ITS AMAZING.thx 2 u . :grin: :grin: :grin:

  • Joy

    I need some applications for my HTC Touch..
    wonderin if neone could help me with a dictionary o somethin on those lines..

  • Sebastian

    Amazing list my friend. I’m going to try a few from the list right after submitting this.
    What is the largest storage card I can use in my touch. I called up HTC and I was told that the unit was only tested up to 2g.
    Are there any benefits to saving downloads to external memory as oppose to internal memory.
    I am also looking for a GPS free ware that will be a little more hands free (better) than Google Maps, any suggestions.

  • I am still using the 1GB card that came with the phone.

    “Are there any benefits to saving downloads to external memory as oppose to internal memory.”
    There is hardly any internal memory as you will soon learn, so you have to install most programs on your card.

    The touch does not have GPS capability built in…
    If its maps you are looking for I am sorry only tried google maps on my phone.

  • Sparx

    Found your 25 free software for HTC very useful but tried installing Yahoo! go on my phone but didn’t find the yahoo messenger icon on the menu list included in that program.

    Btw, what does peekpocket really do? Thanks for you big help!

  • Dont knw why Yahoo didnt work for u…

    Peekpocket finds wireless networks (wifi)
    You can then connect to the network to use the internet..

    Chances are you will find connections at coffee shops, etc

  • ramesh

    what about the antivirus software for htc, thanks for all the work.

  • Antivirus for a phone !!
    Hardly any viruses for a phone, i dont keep bluetooth on. Dont think I will ever get a virus on my phone.

    But I have seen advertisements about QuickHeal, they have an anti virus software that scans your phone…

  • ramesh

    thank you and you are indeed a good help

  • gaurav

    hiii frend I ve got htc touch I use to surf all day long everything but except orkut wts wrong wid dat y it doesn’t open orkut clearly can u help? thnx

  • Unfortunately I dont surf with my phone, sry

  • Viraj

    dont you guys find the internal memory a bit too low ? i mean i find 30 mb very low while installing apps even on memory card, certain files are getting installed in the main memory and i am left with 5good apps and no internal memory left, do you guys know how to solve this problem?

  • sandeep pathak

    Hi Gaurav the Orkut page will not open on HTC properly but as a solution you can try Opera mini and it works really good as i am using it you can open all the web pages and its quit faster than the IE for Touch

  • @ Viraj
    There is a technique to move files from the phone to memory card.
    Check for the topic, I read it a long time back

  • Renobartender

    The mplay32 dosnt seem to work on vista….hmmmm

  • MGEG

    Thanks alot

  • MGEG

    thank you

  • Martin

    FYI – I use 4GB card with HTC Touch. Still not big enough :grin:

  • Hupen

    I got a tweak which does increase your phone memory. Use any Red editor and do the foll
    HKLM>system>storageManager>FATFS: Change CacheSize to 4096, 8192 or 16384. Enjoy

  • sandeep pathak

    Hello every one

    i am using HTC TOUCH and for some reason i am not getting the battery meter on my home screen instead of that i am getting the clock on the home screen though the HTC Home screen is there where i can see the time , so on the home screen on top right hand cornoer where you get the speaker and signal strength icon i am not getting the battery meter and i am getting the clock there

    if anyone can help

    Thanks & Regards


  • Dr. Amit

    thanks a lot man. helped me a lot!

  • Ashish

    I am having problem in getting the songs/photos via bluetooth from other Bluetooth device(mobile/PC etc).
    error is ” not enought space”, even i have routed it to my memory card (which is almost empty) and also it is saving everying to “MY DOCUMENTS”…

    Please help

  • abhishek

    really a good job thankyou very much.

  • anand

    Is there a crack for opera mobile 8.65
    I am currently usin htc s710 and ie in it real boring….
    cam i get opera mobile…
    my 30 days trial expired…

  • anth

    hey im having problems downloading the full keyboard on my htc touch…. can sumone tell me the steps to do it… i saved the file on my comp and copyed them to my touch and then opend the setup file on my touch and it says its not suported. if sumone can help me out that wud be great!

  • Alison

    Great links – – thanks!
    I’m just got my new HTC touch and I’m trying to find my Altec t515 speakers using bluetooth. I did get them to connect a couple of time, but mostly when I go to use them, the phone/speakers won’t connect. So, I delete the T515 device and search for new devices, but usually I get device not found… even though my speakers are on an I’ve reset, etc. Any suggestions? Tks.

  • dan


    just loaded the activesync software and when i synced – for some reason all the phone numbers I had on my phone show up as blank entries in outlook contacts. Anyone have any ideas? tnx, db

  • Dhaneesh.K

    Full screen mode is not working on my HTC touch mobile Media Player. Everytime I have to restart my mobile to solve this problem. During the next time also I have to do the same thing

    Any Suggestion on this please let me informed on my mail id… ([email protected])


  • Chris

    I just dwnld the Adobe Flash player – but you tube still tries to load videos into Media Player, also – Link to a decent reg editor or use the regedit command when the Touch is connected -??

    Sweet list, btw

  • Roberto

    Hi, guys. Is there any way to store SMS messages on the micro SD? My SIM is full, and I want to store most of them instead of deleting them. Anybody? Alfred?

  • vinay

    I need some applications for my HTC Touch..
    wonderin if anynone could help me with a dictionary or something like antivirus

  • Sameer

    Hi Guys…
    I am using a BSNL Broadband connection and have a Wireless router setup. My HTC touch detects the connection and also connects to it. But still I am not able to access the Internet. This is because the broadband is of type ADSL connection and I need to create a dialup connection & connect to access Internet. And this I follow for my Desktop comp. I believe ther’s no way in HTC touch to creaet a Dialup to connect with only User Name & Password.
    Could anyone please help me in this Concern?


  • ashfak

    thanks for helpind bt there is a problem!!
    i cant install exe files on my htc touch!
    it says `not a valid win32 file`
    please help!!

  • @Ashish
    Ive found that when files are sent through bluetooth, it goes to your phones memory even if you have set it to the storage card. So try installing apps on your storage card to leave enough mem on the phone.

    the HTC Touch has a @#%@#% sync system honestly. If you sync your phone with another PC, it will erase all your contacts ! So always use NS Contacts program and backup your contacts.

    I dont know how to do this but im sure my messages are stored on the SD. I’m sure you can find a solution at xda forums. link in 1 of comments above.

    the exe is not meant to be installed on your phone. connect your phone to the PC using active sync. The run the exe program on your computer, it will install the software on your phone…

  • Abhishek

    hi frenz i got some problems with my htc touch. while i am using the phone or not using it it automatically turns off and i need to reset it to make it work. this problem has started occuring since some days and occurs for more than 6-7 times a day. did anyone had same prob. before? or anyone knows the solution?
    i would be greatful thx

  • mostafa

    hey abhishek,
    check if the following may help:
    start> setting> system> power> advanced> uncheck the “turn off device if not used..” check box.
    i hope it helps u!!

  • mostafa

    hey all!!
    i wonder if someone call help me with this…
    is there an applicaton which i can connect through USB my HTC touch to the pc and connect to the internet from my pc?
    im already connecting from my pc to the internet through my sony ericsson w800i, i was just wondering if i can do the same with my HTC touch??

  • hmmm i used the wifi option in the touch and it automatically connects to the internet through my router. I havent tried it though the USB though so, dont knw about the same….

  • Krishna


    there is an application “Internet sharing”

    U can connect to Internet from ur PC thru ur moBile if u had GPRS activated…

  • Krishna

    hey Frnds,

    I got a proBlem playing streaming media(like youtube)

    I have installed Real one player for windows mobile.

    as it taking so much time to play streaming media I uninstalled it. it was not removed completely so i deleted the real one player files in program files.

    Now, whn I connect to youtube and trying to play videos, it is not Playing at ALL. :sad: :sad:

    Previously i use to enjoy viewing thru streaming media application (which is a HTC default)….

  • abhishek

    thx for ur suggestion but it still diodnt worked n i had to exchange my phone

  • Jay

    I have HTC TOUCH.

    I would like to use the External GPS feature that comes with this PDA. I have searched on the internet and found some websites mentioning that HTC TOUCH has the GPS capability, but it is not enabled by default.

    Can anyone tell me how do I use the GPS feature without buying an external GPS receiver??


  • I have heard about external GPS devices that can connect to the phone…
    Just do a search for it on
    im sure u can find some info there

  • ilyas

    english to english dictionary ?

  • Martin

    Just the fact that you mentioned real player makes me think you don’t know what your talking about…. Ill go ahead and look for another list.

  • rahul

    hi guys
    can anybody tell me how to format memory card in my htc touch.
    i just brought 4gb card for it.

  • o===[Ronin:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;>

    Great tips on the 25 free downloads.
    Having trouble watching youtube or web based video, any suggestions as to the best way to do so.
    Cheers !

  • siraj

    I use htc and often SURFING net can I get a antivirus software to keep virus out

  • Dini

    Alfred & friends

    Nice work Alfred as being a great htc fraek first I thought I have did a mistake of buying it but now its my life ..and ur 25 SW or awesome keep up the good work

  • kps chauhan

    Have been able to connect HTC using wirelss on BSNL brd bnd …ne1 if still has a prob can contact @ [email protected]

  • khaver

    thankx alot :neutral: :wink:

  • Alphamariner

    i have an HTC touch from Italy, need to change the languag eto english….please help anybody

  • Ahmad

    I want Chinese and Urdu Language support on my HTC Touch. Any freeware or microsoft windows mobile add-on?

  • mrwed

    Thanks for the good list. I see you mention running NoteM voice recorder on the Touch–I’m unable to get it working correctly on my Sprint Touch. I’ve installed version 1.21 (the final version, as far as I can tell) several times: it seems to install fine, but the recordings it produces are distorted (slow) and marred by constant clicking. I have this program working fine on a WM 5 device, and it’s one of my favorites–tremendously useful for recording lectures, etc. Any ideas? Is anybody else producing satisfactory recordings on a WM 6 device?

  • gary

    Installed Pocket Tv I got no audio any suggestions should I just try reloading it again??

  • laji

    can bsnl sim cards be used with the htc touch?

    if i go for a lower end model, is there a big difference between windows5 and 6?

  • gar

    Sorry!! My bad …all is GOOD with audio issues on Pocket TV.


  • Abhishek

    the htc touh has low prgramme memory so if i use some programme it says low on memory nd cant open other programme, can any body help me plz?

  • Abhishek

    and another thing does any one knows how to ownload yahoo messenger for htc touch

  • Vivek

    great list.
    i had nokia communicator 9300 and have shifted to HTC Touch. I have lost all my contacts which were on phone. SIM Contacts are available.

    I have a backup of last mobile, using pcsuite – can anyone suggest how can i get my phone book back from the backup file.


  • im not sure of the nokia PC suite but I think it syncs with windows contacts like other phone software.

    If that is the case u should be able to sync the windows contacts with the HTC and get your contacts imported to the new phone.

  • balli

    hey ppl, its balli again..
    i’ve got two HTC touch now.. however, one is for sale. its absolutely new. just charged once.. ready to go for 14k.. actually i bought it for my girlfriend however, she dumped me so i thot of keeping the phone to myself.. so here it is on sale.. brand new one.. black color with al the accessories and i’ll put in a few additional softwares like battery status for overclocking and lots of themes.. if interested contact me on [email protected]

  • mostafa

    Hi all,
    i need some help here:
    couple days ago i was trying to connect my htc touch to a wireless device in the office, it got connected but i couldn’t access the internet. i think i am supposed to set an IP address for my htc in the connections option but i dont know how to get that number to use the fast internet we have at work.


  • Aziz Omar

    none of these programs will wrk with my htc touch it says
    “this is not a valid pocket pc application” :cry:

    help? :?:

  • Aziz Omar

    oh wait nvm it wrks now :mrgreen:
    what i was doing at first when it wouldent wrk was i downloaded the file from my computer onto my phone then tried to instal it on my phone but this time wuz i did was i installed it from my pc by opening the file on my pc while the phone wuz connected

    but the pocket tv still does not work :sad:

  • Rajeev

    good phone but doesnt know how to use

  • Abhishek

    :shock: does any one knows how to download slide 2 unlock software. :roll:

  • lf8rdoctor


    great tips….thanks

  • Somen

    Could someone please let me know hoe to use the Yahoo messanger??

    I downloaded the Y!Go client but could not find the Y!msg der :sad:

  • Madhuri Kumar

    I got the Touch couple of days back. Im trying to configure bsnl broadband wi-fi on my touch but have been unsuccessful so far :(
    If anyone here has any idea on how to crack this, please let me know. You can also email me on [email protected].

  • govind

    hi….cld anybody help me in how to use wifi with my htc touch….please mail to me……

  • Just activate your wifi and connect to the network.
    Hope you know that to use wifi, there has to be a network. Either a wireless router you have or you need to be at a wifi hotspot…

  • NivaS

    Can someone help me to install yahoo messenger in HTC touch ?
    when trying to install applications getting message as “this is not a valid pocket pc application”

    Alfred : Please help me out..If you find any mobile to pc calling applications, please let me know.

  • javier

    hi, I have lost my cd programe for the touch and now i have a new laptop where i can found the programe so I can have everithing organize

  • ganjalord

    If it is an .exe file you have to execute it on the PC you are using to sync your device. The Application will then be installed the next time you synchronize your Device.

  • ganjalord

    Sry, I meant @NivaS in my last comment :shock: .

    But @Alfred: great post, I found most programms very useful… (this time I realy meant @Alfred :grin: )

  • Mitts

    Please let me know where can I download free games and themes for my HTC Touch?????????

  • Miss Braithwaite

    Text message option in messaging has disappeared, any ideas anyone as I send alot of texts and would rather not have to do a hard reset.

  • Miss Braithwaite

    Hard reset did not work.

  • Miss Braithwaite


    Try for a start as it has a lot of free software including games and themes.

  • Badgal4ever

    I just wanted to stop and say thank you. I own the HTC tytn and so far I have only downloaded eSord, but I plan to add a few more.

    I have been looking for a free chess engine, do you know of any?

    Thank again

  • jayprakash

    i have htc touch
    i had allign screen problem,so i cant go for allign screen setting so i set my mob with soft reset but the problem was same,so i rest my mob with hard reset(factory reset)
    i had backup my all data(photos etc)with sprite backup programme in my memory card
    after hard reset i’m not able to restore my backup data
    msg pops ”run the application first, then open this file from within the application”

    please help me

  • Abhi

    hi i have problems o memoy wid my phone every time i use any program it says thememory is full and i cant use camera while using any other programme, hs any one got the solution, Alfred? or any on please help me thanks

  • Rohan

    Hey I just bought touch by htc and can anyone help me to find if theres such a thing as a chat text box instead of individuals texts. Example like treo700P. its like you can talk to one person in one box rather then having many texts from one person.

  • Rohan

    Also Please i’d like to know if the touch has a wifi? When i bought this phone they said it doesnt come with it, i read few comments about wifi on here thought i’d ask. If yes where in my phone would i find that?

  • Abhi

    does any one knows how to unlock htc touch dual plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • The procedures for unlocking the Touch are given in the xda forums. Please check the forums for the unlock thread.

    Personally I have used the unlock program for my Touch which was locked to Airtel service.

  • Regarding the memory problem, it really pisses me off too. The phone has very low memory, which means install many programs (even on mem card) and u end up with a very slow phone.

    I have seen a custom flash that gives much more free memory on the phone. Again check xda forums

  • jayprakash

    its me again alfred
    i have htc touch
    i had allign screen problem,so i cant go for allign screen setting so i set my mob with soft reset but the problem was same,so i rest my mob with hard reset(factory reset)
    i had backup my all data(photos etc)with sprite backup programme in my memory card
    after hard reset i’m not able to restore my backup data
    msg pops ”run the application first, then open this file from within the application”

    please help me

  • Jay, I am sorry, put my phone got messed up in the flood that happened here recently.
    It wont even switch on…

    I recommend you visit xda forums for a solution.

  • wab

    thnx for the tips
    the mss converter sounds sweet but when i went to the pg to download it, it was all in french
    is their an english pg for it?

  • bobby

    hey guys!
    great list, thanks for posting.
    I have a quick question, I have htc mugol, and it doesn’t come with aim or google talk, I was wondering if anyone knew where I could download either of these for free?

  • Brandon

    I can not find on the page for Shadow mmorph game were to downloand the client for mobiles only for pc. Any suggestions? And for the people having their contacts deleted it is because your phone is can only sync with one p.c. at a time if you switch to a new p.c. you have to end the sync connection with the old p.c. on both the phone and the computer. Hope that helps was having the same problem at first.

  • abhi

    :cry: hi my phones volume goes up and down without touching and it keeps on goin if i switch off and on again it goes on cant do anything can any one hel me please, alfred? or any one else thanks. :idea:

  • Shashank

    i wnt to connect my htc touch with my pc. do i need to install any application provided from cd provided with the phone? or will my pc detect a new device automatically?

  • Raxit

    1. Where can i get Win Mobile 6 for my HTC Touch.

  • nagesh

    can u please help me out by giving the steps and serial order to download the 25 software programs for htc touch

  • nagesh

    hi everyone,
    i tried installing the real player on my htc touch mobile but i could not get it beyond that i am getting a message that it is not a valid win32 applcation…..

  • Paras

    hey pls get me the pocket dictionary for my HTC 3350

  • You can download the windows mobile 6 update from HTC’s official website.

    I am using a custom rom i found on xda forums.

  • You might want to check out TouchPal
    its an awesome keyboard for the Touch, works very well once u are used to it.

  • shrinivas

    hi can u plz tell me how to make a group of friends in HTC touch which is a feature in Nokia phones, so that with the press of single button v can send sms to all our friends at once.

  • dont think its there by default…
    Try looking for a software that can do it…
    Ask always xda forums can help you

  • Sarbjit Singh

    Good collection of tools.

    I was just looking for something to disable the “threaded” sms mode. Found more than I asked for..

  • Dini

    Hi alfred i dont know if you still check the blogs or not but i need a software by which i can back up my emails contact and sms on my storage card and i need a cab file so i can directly donload it on my touch please …Thanks in advence …u have my email so can get back to me ….Please :)

  • bhaskar


  • Prince

    thanks for the softwares Alfred!!

  • Prince

    hey pal,

    problem: despite getting connected to the wifi with strongest signal i receive a message saying “the page was not found” even if i try to find google.
    Alfred, i must get rid of this problem coz if i do i will get a double utility of the money that i have spent over HTC Touch!

    thanks a lot.

  • Sharon

    Hey i desperately in need of help
    I have a htc touch that i got from france,just in french
    does anyybody know a link where i can download an english software?

  • Sharon

    how does one get thhe gps running on the htc touch?Somebody please help

  • The english version can be downloaded on the official htc website. else try xda forums

  • the thouch does not come with GPS, u will have to buy a bluetooth gps device.

  • nikhil goswami

    hey friends ,
    recently i brought htc p 3300 window based mobile having window 6.0 , i tried to down load PDA FullScreen Keyboard which is listed at the 2 number in 25 s/w list . i installed in my device also but it is not getin installed in short i was not able to use software of full screen key board

    the second software i installed in device is mss converter and it is working well on my device

    any body can help me to resolve the isse ?

    with regards

  • nfwama

    :?: i downloaded the pda keypad 2nd on my htc touch(p3450),the light version but it keeps asking me for the registration code.please tell me what it is.
    apart from that i love yo programs.
    could i have installed the wrong way?i noticed there are 2 versions and i did pick the free 1 and its asking me to buy.

  • mervandi

    nice post, thank you

  • David

    I have seen many comments about unlocking an HTC touch. What does this allow axcess to?

  • Sanjiv

    My HTC P3000 suddenly stopped detecting the memory card.
    any other phone and my computer can detect the memory card when inserted.. so the problem is not with the card atleast.
    when i open settings->system->memory->storage card, it reads: not installed.
    Please help.

    Thank You.

  • shri

    :smile: very good portal alfred , keep it up , i too will join up with you in a short span of time to keep sharing softwares with each others and for your friends/visitors of this portal,i have loads of them

  • Ali

    guys i need to know how to connect htc with pc, i was trying to connect it with usb but it could not install the software where can i download it coz my cd ‘s lost

  • Rajeev Mehra

    I require software, like full screen caller photo, games, and also please let me know can my bluetooth headset noki bh 101 be used as A2dp
    I m using HTC Touch p3450

  • abhishek roy

    thanks 2 the whole group….

  • Subhro

    I have recently downloaded the Blue Touch ROMV4.0 from this site and installed it in my phone.From then my phone HTC Touch P3452 has started malfunctioning.It always reboots whenever it goes into the hibernating mode.Alfred it will be very kind of U to suggest a way for me to revert back to my phone’s basic ROM version.I want to see my phone in the condition it used to be when I bought it on 18/9/2008. :sad: :sad: :sad: :cry: :cry: :cry:

  • I am sorry to hear your phone is doing that. Personally I have the blue rom installed on mine without any problems. I recommend you either download the HTC rom from the HTC site, or get a custom ROM from xda-forums.

    Usually the restarting problem happens to the HTC Touch, due to loose contact between the CPU and montherboard. Xda-forums, has a fix for this issue by inserting a plastic card behind the phone to keep the pressure.

  • Subhro

    Thanx Alfred for reolying to my blog.If U dont mind I want another favour from U, would U please send me a link of HTC TOUCH P3452 Rom. So that I might be able to restore my phone back to its normal configurations.


    Find the one you want yourself. There are hundreds of customs ROMs as well are the shipped ones.

  • ARUN

    HEY guys,.. please help me its urgent!! i tried installing air scanner onto my samsung i780 and it did install.. didnt realise the AV was compatble only with windows 5 mine is windows 6.. not everything shut down.. can only make calls and messg.. the start menus disappeared… only air scanner is visible in the programs and start list.. not even able to uninstall or access any other functions.. please help.. is tehre any button or method where i could reset everything.. i dont mind loosing the data from my storage device or my phone..

  • ARUN

    hey i managed to uninstall air scanner using the mobile sync..:) but the programs still dont show :( please help now… i cant seem to figure out what the problem is… the storage card is visible when connected to the comp..

  • roger

    I have an HTC Touch Dual which needs a hard reset because the touchFlo system has failed. Does anybody know how I can download my tests before the re-set so that I can upload them to my new HTC HD? HTC have told me that there are some third party softwares but I cannot source them and HTC will not divulge the information. Any help appreciated.

  • Hooper

    Come back to this post often….thanks for all your hard work and efforts putting this together.

    Which app are you using with pocket e-sword? thanks again!

    Hooper’s last blog post..Cycling for Kindness

  • Hmm pocket e-sword is an app, you dont need another to run with it.

    Though you can download many free Bible’s from their main site without any payment.

  • bharath

    any body help me
    i have htc p3400i.i want key for smartmovie.please send my mail id:[email protected]

  • bharath

    hi every one

    i have htc p3400i,i need smartmovie key.please send to my mail id:[email protected]

  • Russell

    The HTC Touch does have an internal GPS, but it is unusable with Windows Mobile 6.0. If you upgrade to 6.1, the GPS is usable. Don’t ask me why.

    It’s a little tricky to find, but it should be available from the HTC site I found mine here: (I have an HTC Touch from Bell Mobility).

    I’ve tried Google Maps, Tom Tom, CompeGPS… they all work just fine. It might be a bit of a trick getting the settings just right. I believe google auto-detected. The others were something like: \Other NEMA GPS\, 4800 baud, com4… wasn’t hard to figure it out. If you’re trying google maps, you have to select \use GPS\ under one of the menu items before it even tries. Weird, I know.

    Again, I’m using the original HTC Touch (not pro, or diamond, or anything else). Have fun.

  • Ziggy

    I want to download the keyboard..
    How would i download it onto the pc? How do i know if it will save where it is suppose to save?
    How do i “sync” it?

  • Nasser

    I want to change the language french to english and i cannot view the drive on my computer when connecting to a PC

  • t

    i have the htc touch, i was trying to add another contact to my list. after adding the name i accidentally tapped the image section and it took me to my photos. I tried to close out of it but the key got stuck. When i tried to check the contacts list… they were all gone. the weird thing is that if anyone on my contacts list calls it still shows their name on the caller Id. Bad thing is… If i want to call anyone.. I have to know their number because i can’t check my history calls either.

    anyone have any idea how to fix this? I know its time for a replacement and its going to cost me over $400 for the new HTC Touch Pro.

    I had been holding on to this one because i really wanted to take the upgrade discount when sprint releases the new HTC Touch Pro2.

    either way… I need to get my contacts list back! at least so i can write them down.

    pos! :(

  • sowmiya

    Thanks a lot for this info. I found a website to unlock Nokia from **************** at a reliable cost.

  • Rajesh

    i am searching a software for sms reader in which i can read sms in sequence like nokia phones.

  • info techno

    thanks very much friend. your info helpful for me. keep your sharing okay..

  • sanjeev

    i have mobile model no is htc P3300 and it is hang & automatically switch off .it switch off very slowly. like screen slowly slowly disappear.and if i am trying to keep it on it doesn’t work.and please suggest something on priority bases because i am just rid off my mobile

  • rajenderminhas

    my mobile is not booting properley it onley flashes a secreen saying(window mobile) i was loading window live and suddenley my mobile turn of .plz help me how can i flash my mobile/.

  • If you are unable to boot into windows mobile you may have bricked you phone :(

    Flashing the rom requires an activesync connection which will not work without booting up. If I remember correctly there was a way to boot into some kind of a safe mode. Please check for same on xda forums (links posted in previous comments)

    go to the xda-forums, choose one of the roms available there and follow the instructions (they are different for each ROM)

  • Vishal

    ..anyone got idea where n’ how to get swf/flash player for HTC Touch? Is there one for free download?

  • mahima tagore

    please put the software’s by which we can use the htc in to transfer photos and all but not by memory card

  • ARUN

    thaaaaaaaaaank u veeeeeeeery much

  • Ayekpam loken

    I phone support only 1minute voice recording & i want to support unlimited voice recording when the space is full.

  • Ayekpam loken

    My phone n70m can support only one minute voice recording, i want unlimited voice recording software when the space is full.

  • pawi

    Can anyone tell me how to get the GPRS PROXY SERVER SETTING on the HTC p3450 phone?????????

  • Thanks,articles are well written, but Is the video converter really easy to use?Through my multiple comparison, I still like to use the video converter.

  • bindya

    well can i have a call recorder for my htc touch

  • suraj

    thanks alot

  • ajay

    any idea if the flash sms app works satisfactorily on HTC TOUCH?

  • ajay

    I have probs with wi-fi using my HTC Touch. Losing connection repeatedly while updating weather, using Fring, or Internet explorer. Is it usual for htc touch to have this error, or is it due to my wi-fi LAN, or is it a malfunction of the Mobile, pls?

  • It works perfectly on the Touch, I have used it a lot while messaging.

  • You need to check the quality of the Wifi Connection. If its good, you could try tweaking the wireless

  • mimi

    hi,how change my phone language to English?

  • you can do that from settings

  • amit

    hey guys i m not able to delete the songs frm my htc touch pls give me a solution.

  • sarath

    hi iam using htc p3400i , i am getting a problem that i can’t delete any items in memory card , it was not showing where the cam photos are stored in memory card.i thought that my card has got the problem but it wasn’t……
    so, plz send me the solution for that problem…………….

  • Hmmm this post is turning out to be a support thread :D

    Anyways regarding the memory card, i think you should remove it from your HTC phone and connect it using a memory card reader or laptop slot.

    Pictures taken by HTC phones are usually stored in DCIM folder.

    Some memory cards have a read only lock system. It should be like a small tab you can move on the side of the card. Remove your memory card and see it was set to the lock position.

    If this work, plz come back and comment on this thread. It may help others

  • Emil

    where can i download a installer for windows htc tytn unit.. my problem is the phone has been blocked and i cannot open the pin code..
    please help me..

  • emil I have no idea about the pin code lock… The pin code can be reset by calling your service provider. If you mean some password u setup for windows itself, search for help on the Xda forums… link can be found in the comments above

  • ravi rana

    these 25 software are very limited . I will only advice you to increase no of software.

  • Bhrijesh

    i have htc p3400i
    i want games & themes downlods
    plz tall me a wabside
    my email is [email protected]

  • waste of time ndnothing in hand.totally wasteful website

  • sohan

    hi sir i have a htc mobile i have a problem when other user call on my cell some times call is not come on my htc mobile but other user hear ring when call but my htc phone not come any call.example when my friend call me he hear call ring on our phone but my phone no ring come.pz give me a answer early

  • jacknmearound

    How is it that 3 photos appear in my HTC phone memory as if I had taken them from my actual HTC phone which they were not? They also are not labled as a download.

    yet the file path is listed as \100 media
    in correct date and photo sequence?

    I am baffled

  • i have a htc touch pro 2 but its is only in german but i wanna change it to french pls help tell me what to do thanks

    i wanna change my htc touch pro2 language what can i do its in german language what can i do pls help me thanks

  • chicam

    change the language of my htc touch pro2 what can i do its in german but i wanna have another language. pls help

  • parmida

    hi guys
    i’m looking for htc touch2’s software especialy dictionary & GPS & antivirus.does anyone know a website ??

  • neoman forums has tons of software… dont think you really need an antivirus for your phone ! Unless ofc you were careless enough to accept bluetooth files

  • dr d ray

    hi alfred ,i v found a very useful freeware for htc touch , it has 5 analog clocks of places chosen ,isd codes ,’ shoe sizes ,night-day world map ,currency converter ,weather of any selected places .pl review worldtravelr[yes that’s how it’s spelt!]from http // worldtravelr .com /m . cab file can be ota dwnlded . after installing free registration key is sent to the email given .

  • Jani

    Hi Alfred and all, I’m a visually impaired HTC user. I was elated to see the freewhere TTS called Flite which is something I was looking for, in ur list :) Currently I’m using a HTC Touch Pro phone. Could u guys suggest me a good free Screen reader compatible with my phone? It’ll be a real great help if u could make it:) The OS in my phone is Win Mobile 6.5

  • Zubair

    Hi i got HTC Touch Dual and try to set up WiFi setting on my mobile but cant able to do can any body help me to set up or can send any link for set up thanks

  • vineeta waghmare

    i hav htc touch phone..
    i am finding a software where i get fullscreen picture for my calls..
    can u please mail me the site frm wher should i download it.plzzzz

  • jitendra patel

    I need video player where I see youtube video so pleease sent me this software for HTC D600

  • dimple

    this was fun n helpful!!!

  • JohnBush

    This is Gorgeous !
    let me share with you one for recording mobile phone calls. I use WM Sound Recorderto record my HTC Touch Pro phone conversation. It could record outgoing and incoming calls automatically. perfect for window mobile.

  • Vijay

    hi guyz…
    i’m having a htc HD mobile…
    I need a pocket Dictionary in my mobile(offline)
    Can anyone help me out? Where can i download it?

  • roderick

    hi sir i have htc touch but today my mobile only swichon but show me only window mobile when i swich on.
    can you pls tell what can i do ? thx a lot

  • Panos

    hey mman, awasome programs… and free…but im looking for a defragment, a good one, but one that can defrag registrys also pls. and i have problems with updating my windows mobile, but we can work it out throu email if u like… thx and im waiting email soon :D

  • Arkar

    thank you very much. i’ve been looking for this ( GS player )for my HTC HD. now i can use the equalizer without plug in the headset. so now i’m using my bluetooth headset with equalizer on. thank you again.


    pls have been trying to transfer my contacts from HTC S710 to my Blackberry. but i cant seem to hughliht all the contacts on the HTC phone to send the contacts to the Blackberry via bluetooth and d syc is not helping matters. pls need ur advise. thanks

  • rollytek29

    pocket tv is the best pocket pc applications

  • okomeng asante

    i have htc touch dual and any time am downloading the screen becames white and those all i cant download any more neigther can i browse, i have to switch the phone off n on before i can continue browsing but still cannot download, please help me out,i need to download certain things urgently

  • hozef

    I am using htcp3600 after3year now tuch screen some time work good or same time I am choose program open another program plz help

  • raj

    how to do hard reset

  • pankaj

    I can’t use TATA DOCOMO sim on my htc touch p-3450,other networks working fine.after inserting tata docomo sim it hangs and sometime i can make calls but not getting call alerts on my phone.i already contacted HTC,Tata Docomo,and visited service center and tried software update as well.still doesn’t work.Please Help……………..

  • roky

    i need english language in my htc hd2. how to istall..

  • Genie

    Have an HTC S710 windows mobile phone the manual is english but the phone language is dutch.. What will I do to translate it in English..Do I need to have an OS updater or ROM updater..I do not know what to do and how to do it…kindly ur kind consideration of help is very much appreciated…Please Help

  • Just flash the phone with a ROM from xda- forums

  • Amit

    Hay………..I want a video player for htc p3450,but I’ plz explend me what I download videoplayer………

  • You want a really good player that can play most codecs, there is only Core Player. It is a paid software.

  • Kamlesh Ahir

    i am not able to download the software and games for HTC P34400i so request you to please provide me the address from which i can download games and software for HTC P3400i

  • @kamlesh Ahir
    the ones mentioned in this post are freeware, I do not provide links to sites that provide illegal / cracked material. You can buy software for your phone using Windows Markeplace

  • jay

    hi, i have this htc touch. but im wandering it has 2 languages in the screen. I mean, if i open to most of the windows are english, but some are not. specially on the bottom corners. and in the settings of the home screen.
    any help be appreciated. thanks….

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  • Alex

    Hi, i’ve some problem whit the download of Pda fullscreen keyboard. Can someone help me? thank you!

  • charles

    I need an anti virus application for
    my htc hera 100

  • Connect the device to your computer and run an antivirus scan. Thats the easiest way.


    I am having problem in getting the songs/photos via bluetooth from other Bluetooth device(mobile/PC etc).
    error is ” not enought space”, even i have routed it to my memory card (which is almost empty) and also it is saving everying to “MY DOCUMENTS”…

    Please help

  • This thread is about software for the HTC Windows Mobile Phones. I’m sorry I don’t troubleshoot problems with the phone here. Anyways I feel your phone memory is full and that is the reason you are getting this error. More questions, head over to xda forums, they can answer your questions well.

  • fifi

    mi HTC P3450 elf touch cn’t detect mi storage card and the phone also refuse to delete items stored in documents, and the card
    AT: [email protected]

  • shamshadali

    i have htc touch pro t7272i windows vertion 6.1 how can i change thie language of this in have swedish lanuage how to change in english please help me

  • marrysen

    HTC Touch windows mobile phone is one of the best phone for those looking to get pleasure of windows mobile phone.

    Video Converter for Mac

  • Shivam

    hi frnds,i have htc p3400i and there is any feature for touchflow in it…. please reply

  • shab

    call firewall link not working….

  • siva

    Im using HTC Touch P3452 , before this i used nokia n95, how to transfer all my datas such as contacts, notes, bookmarks and messages from n95 to HTC. with out my data’s i cant able to use this mobile continuously

  • saravanan

    my htc modelno:elf0100 problem reson net work ,server problem processing and program.

  • Hillary

    I bought HTC phone in Denmark and unfortunately it is in Danish only.
    can someone help me on how to change to English or where can I get new free windows in English

  • ketan adesara

    htc viva is 1 of the best speaker phone in “htc” link.

  • Archer

    I have a HTC Touch2, is there any way i can instal android ?

  • tushar

    I use htc and often SURFING net can I get a antivirus software to keep virus out

  • tushar

    pls tell where i ll get mobile games

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  • ahmad masood

    i have htc hd2 or t8585 befor i ues to take full scren video now it take halfe scren video i have lost the setting can u tell the site where can find the setting of my phone tahnks.

    Ahmad masood

  • macdonald paul


  • Jackson

    I think the best HTC Touch or Windows Mobile phone video converter software can be found from this site:

  • agbebi tunde

    i have an htc sense,i cant login into my htc using my password.i know the right password but it can login.pls how do i solve this problem…thanks

  • Towheed

    Hi For Every One.
    Trust HTC Be Happy In Your Life

  • KirilReutnaev


  • johnny blay

    I have HTC Touch Dual P5310 NEON400,And it is analog,I was using it in Canada,when i came to Ghana i can’t get the network.How can i use another network?

  • Tariq

    I have HTC mytouch (4G)mobile phone.
    My phone is going held, Than i removed batery and again power on the mobile.
    Its randomly held.
    plz help.

  • ollie

    please Alfred i am hoping on you to help me out with this,help me on how to change my HTC PHONE to English or where can I DOWNLOAD free window in [email protected]@@@@@@@.MY address is ***[email protected]***

  • Akin Akintumile

    my windows mobile 6.1 doesnt boot please help

  • I wonder how you got so good. This is really a fascinating blog, lots of stuff that I can get into. One thing I just


    im using htc t8788 mobile. my problem is i cant got my mobile software so how can in get that software plz hlp meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • yatharth

    I’ve a htc p3450, but I’m unable to stream you tube videos how can I solve this problem

  • vahid

    very good

  • vahid



    i’ve htc ELF0100,but i’am unable save urdou langoage

  • i really enjoyed the functions of a phone its really fabollous and smart phone i m using it. its something more than a phone

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