Best Antivirus Software of 2007

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Its time to review the best AntiVirus Software of 2007. This has been a question that has been asked a hundred times on so many forums I read. Thought I would give my 2 cents to this subject here.

Before we start let me tell you that there is no “Best”AntiVirus, it depends on your personal needs.

The good: Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6 offers superior antivirus protection; has free and paid versions; supports Windows 98 through Windows XP.
The bad:
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6 rescue-disc process is a bit complicated.

The good: BitDefender Antivirus 10 offers two licenses and a two-year subscription at a price below that of the competition (almost half the price); runs on Windows 98, Me, 2000 & XP; features award-winning antivirus protection.
The bad: BitDefender Antivirus 10 performed slower than the competition; doesn’t uninstall completely; the help file is a separate application to open.

The good: Norton AntiVirus 2007 is faster and lighter on system resources than previous versions; includes firewall-like protection, top-notch antispyware protection, and enterprise-level antirootkit technology.
The bad: Norton AntiVirus 2007 lacks antiphishing protection; it proved to me a system hog, slowing my computer noticaebly; the technical support documentation could be more thorough.

The good: McAfee VirusScan Plus includes system performance tools; antispyware protection; and a personal firewall.
The bad: McAfee VirusScan Plus consumes more system resources than Norton, and lacks a consistent and thorough technical support offering.

The good: NOD32 consistently wins independent awards for detecting and removing viruses; the program is one of the fastest and lightest we’ve seen.
The bad: NOD32’s interface is utilitarian; unless you want to spend time to learn to use it, you might not want it!

Conclusion : Its a choice between Kapersky for the best detection features or BitDefender for best value for money. Ultimately its a choice that has to be made by you.

If you are wondering what I use, its Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite 7, it includes Kaspersky Antivirus.

Best Antivirus Software of 2007
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