Free Android anti theft software – Top 3

You never wants to loose a phone but if the worst happens, a few minutes spent to install an app might make the difference between permanently loosing the phone or having a chance to get it back. Anti theft software for android helps phone owners to track their phones once they are stolen or lost. These phone recovery apps can help you to track the details of sim cards inserted, calls made, GPS location of the phone and other information.

In this article we present to you 3 phone recovery software for android phones.

Free Android anti theft software HTC


Prey is a lightweight anti-theft app that works on Android phones as well and computers. It helps you to track your device when it is marked as  stolen or lost. It works in the background silently till you awaken it but notifying the app that the device is stolen. Prey will connect to the internet using any available wifi hotspots and upload data like GPS location, calls made, etc to the account you created during signup.

Personally I trust this software because it helped me recover my stolen phone using the data it sent to my account.

Where’s My Droid

This free phone recovery software for Android has 2 modes that separates it from the other apps. It has a stolen/lost mode and a mode to make it ring loudly. The second mode is extremely useful if you are someone who misplaces the device in different locations at home and spend a lot of time looking for it. Ofcourse you could try ringing the phone but if you left it in silent mode, it’s going to mess up your day.

Where’s My Droid allows you to send a text message, so that the phone increases its ring sound to the loudest and starts ringing for some time. This allows you to find the misplaced phone easily. It also features other security features like reporting GPS location, contacting via emails, etc. Check out the video section on their site for more info.

Plan B

The scenario’s above require that you have the anti theft application installed on your android device before it is stolen. There is still hope for those that lost the phone and still want some phone recovery options. Plan B is the only software that you install after it gets stolen !

The Plan B phone recovery app for android can be push installed via the Android Market. The software will automatically install and send the location of the phone to your Gmail email address. You can access the info again by sending a message with the word locate to your phone.

Free Android anti theft software – Top 3
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