Comodo Firewall Pro – The best free firewall

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Continuing my search for more opensource / freeware for my laptop, I found Comodo Firewall Pro 2.4. The lastest version 3 was about to release, which supported Vista as well. I finally got to install and test it, and I must say that it ROCKS !!

Comodo Firewall is free and is known to be better than most paid firewalls (PC World Reiview here). It also includes Defense+ which protects you against rootkits, virus, spyware, malware, trojans, inter-process memory injections, key-loggers and more.

Installing a new firewall is usually a pain because of the number of popups which ask you to allow or block a program. Thankfully Defense+ learns the existing programs on your computer and checks it against its own database of nearly 1,000,000 safe executables to reduce these popups. By selecting ‘Train with Safe Mode’, the firewall will learn how your trusted applications work and silently create rules for them.

I have been using ZomeAlarm Security Suite 7 on my desktop and I really began to hate it becuase it freezes the computer for about 5 minutes when it starts. This is the case with ZoneAlarm on my other 2 laptops too. So, I am definately going to replace them with Comodo Firewall which does not seem to take much resources or time to start up.

If you have a pirated version of a paid product, I recommend you take this opportunity and shift to Comodo. Believe me you wont be disappointed. (and no this is not a paid review!!! )

Download Comodo Firewall here

Comodo Firewall Pro – The best free firewall
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