Get detailed information about your computer hardware

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Sometimes when friends ask me to reinstall Windows, they would not have the driver CD for their motherboard. In such situations how do you know what driver to download and install ? I was using Everest 3D benchmarking tool which is a paid software that gives detailed information about each and every hardware in a computer.

Recently I came across a freeware that can tell you most of the information you would need to know what hardware is installed on the computer.

HWiNFO32 is a freeware application that can show detailed information about your computer’s hardware . The software is only 2MB. After installation it starts up with a screen that shown all the basic info that would be needed to know a systems configuration.

Once this screen is closed you can see the actual main screen of the application. This screen showns the basic components of the computer and clicking of each brings up a much more detailed view of that component.

There is also a sensors function available that can shown you the temperature of your GPU and CPU which is useful to know if your computer is overheating. Overall a very useful tool to have when trying to find drivers for computer’s when you dont know the system configuration.

Download HWiNFO32

Get detailed information about your computer hardware
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