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Microsoft has decided to discontinue its Microsoft Money which is a personal money management software. With this decision Microsoft had released a new Microsoft Money Plus Sunset edition that is downloadable for free.

The Microsoft Money Plus Sunset is a replacement for it previous version which include Essentials, Home, Business, Deluxe and Premium. This new version will convert older files into the Sunset format but will not have any technical support from Microsoft.

Microsoft Money Plus Sunset does not have any of the online features that the previous versions had. Previous users of the software will anyway loose access to the online features when the servers go down on Jan 2011.

Features of Microsoft Money Plus Sunset

  • Free
  • Does not need online activation
  • Online services are disabled
  • No technical support
  • File conversion from old version of software to new one.

Even without the online services the software is still a powerful for personal money management. There are two versions available for download from Microsoft.

Download Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe

Download Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Home & Business

Download Microsoft Money Plus Original Free
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