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DriverMax 3 – Backup drivers and reinstall them later in less than 5 min (Freeware)

System crashes are bound to happen. Reinstalling Windows is always a nightmare becuase if a driver is missing, it could be a real pain to find it. Again while reinstalling you might not have the latest drivers and finding, downloading & installing each one can be quite a pain in the neck.

drivermax_logo.jpgDriverMax 3 is a freeware program that easily allows you to backup and later reinstall all your drivers in less than 5 minutes. You can get the your free registration code for the program here.

Upon running the program you have the option to import or export all the installed drivers. First we need to export the existing drivers to a safe location, like a CD or another partition.


The Export Drivers option scans your system and shows a list of all the drivers on your computer. Choose the “Select All” button to backup all your drivers. You are then asked for a location to save the backup. It is preferable to save this to another partition and later burn it onto a CD.


The next time you need to reinstall Windows, just install DriverMax and choose the import option to have all the drivers reinstalled with just one restart. The program is compatible with Vista and XP and is a must have on my computer.

Download DriverMax here

DriverMax 3 – Backup drivers and reinstall them later in less than 5 min (Freeware)
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