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Face Recognition Software for Windows – KeyLemon – Win a License

  • mack

    Woah, this software seems to be awesome. Going to download it and give it a try, might buy it myself if i like it.

    always wanted a laptop with a fingerprint scanner, seems this is the closest i can get to my dreams. lets see how people react when they see this.

  • stevie

    With KeyLemon login,I don’t need to type password again and I would just have to sit back and let the camera to verify me. After some trial,I totally in love with KeyLemon because it wouldn’t slowed down my laptop which is Vista platform moreover,I can easily login during day or night.Besides,I wonder if KeyLemon can add a feature that can recognise my family or friends and have them login as guest user or share user according to what i have set. This would make things easier as they can enjoy the bits of fun of KeyLemon when they using my laptop. :idea:

  • Raghavan

    I will get total privacy with KeyLemon login when I log in my PC.Even though I keep the password safe the softwares like Asterisks password viewer can open my password.So unless I show my face my PC will not open.There is also password option.I like KeyLemon login and I need the license for it.Thanks in advance.

  • Karan

    1. The software also has an option that locks your computer when you go away from it. This saves you a lot of time and increases you computer’s security

    2. It also captures images of anyone who tries to access your computer while you are away. Now you know who was messing with your monitor’s brightness everytime you went for a break.

    I like the above features very much and what I would like to add to it is;

    1. voice recognition login: this would be supercool too!!

    And yes I would love to use this on my computer.tia.

  • Kris

    This looks like a very exciting software. It should combine with voice recognition as well.

  • Keylemon login could become a revolution and the exciting features would go a long way in access and security

  • Alfranz


    This is very interesting.. I have a webcam and this will be a very cool tool to use. What I am ecstatic about this that it increases security. This an innovation. It is nice that it introduces a new secure means to access computers but not letting go of the traditional one (writing asterisked passwords)

    I prefer to also have a voice recognition software, multiple user recognition which will go with the Windows Accounts feature in the Control Panel, eye recognition technique like the retina scanning in the movies (somehow), more surveillance features and ability to recognize pictures.. That is what I am thinking of right now.

    By the way, love the idea and the app as well.

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  • satish

    a really good one software.but lack of some important features
    like 1.the light of the webcam should not on when it invokes the cam for taking snapshot,then it looks fine.
    2.more the one face model must be added and checked at the same time to make complete recognization of face with varying angle and motions of mouth,eyebrow etc.At last it’s a good job.thanks to the developers.

  • Eduardo Romcy

    Works fine, it’s perfect. ;-)

  • bryan

    I love this software. I downloaded it and its works really well. The 10 second wait could be a little longer, maybe 30 seconds because if I’m typing or working on something that I have to think about, it logs me off. Other than that, I have had no other problems. Thanks for such a great program!

  • karthhic

    keymelon is the only ingorigible site

  • Josh

    Great Software, it works well and keeps people off my computer. Thanks to the Developers.

  • gouri

    really it will be great fun to use keylemon face recognition software. It is one of my best collections. Thanks to the developer team.

  • Daniel

    Hello, key lemon is awesome and full proof. I had a bit of trouble trying to make more than one profile. I was not able to figure it out before it expired. Also the computer kept locking while i was working and i thought it was only supposed to lock after 10 seconds of inactivity. Other than those two issues, i thought that the program worked great!

  • Byron Higgins

    I’d like to see the screen flash RED and the machine give off an alarm via its speakers if the person trying to log in is not the owner.

  • That would make it a little filmy dont u think :D

  • kumar

    It is a very great prize for me, because when i am in outside my roommates were asking for the password. Even i was not interested to give the password, i had to give it. But now the KEYLEMON made me very happy. Now my roommates can’t open my PC, they will have to wait for me. It works very very good.So there is no one who can open my PC except me.
    I have a request, if you have the software like this which can open the PC by VOICE RECOGNITION, then please send the download link to my e-mail.It is a humble request.
    Finally very very thanks to the developer of keylemon.

  • khalid osama

    this program is so amazing , its so perfect and its so easy to use i love it so much

  • KEwAN


  • Hossein

    this is a good program , I’m very interested in it!
    but I have an idea for it.
    if its possible add a option to it that can distinguish face Expression and for every Expression do a certain job !
    for example when I smile a certain mp3 file will be opened and etc!
    by the way its a wonderful program , when I’ve seen it for the first time I’ve been very exited !!

  • Jacob ingalls

    I like the fact that you just look, no buttons or anything. I wish that the camera was fit into the windows seven login better, but overall great!

  • hugo lobato

    e um programa muito bom mais podia ter a opçao q podesse pegar a digital abraços

  • Jazz Ryson

    I like this software very much. I have recently installed it. All I can say is that is is very useful software

  • Hossam Abd Elaal

    The software are realy simple to set up, simple to use , excelent in having photos for the persons tried to use your laptop without your permetion, and you can controle through the software the amount of hackers photos you want the softwar to keep.
    It is a must for any one security and privecy.

  • son vu

    i like this software, but it’ll be better if it works in safe mode too. thanks.

  • shankar

    I stay with my friends and this wil take care that no one other than me wil b operating my computer without my presence

    really i like this very much because no one can cheat this.

  • Josh Dale

    I do very much enjoy the KeyLemon software, it is fast and easy to use. No staring at the computer screen for 5 minutes trying to get the webcam to focus on your face instead a picture hanging on the wall like other face recognition software. There is one thing I would like to see coming up in the updated software in the future though. If they could up the security a notch and try doing voice or a retinal scanner along with the facial recognition for extra security. That would be great. I’ve had a great time using the software so far and hope to see updates in the future!

  • Chingi Fu

    I have been testing a few Face Recognition Software and in my opinion KeyLemon looks a lot better than most of the others. Its lightweight and simple. Its really fast and you don’t need to keep starring at the screen for minutes.

  • Ghasem

    Hello guy.Please help me.I need license key for keylemon 2.0.1
    Thank you.

  • murali

    i want to keep my pc away from others when iam away from my pc

  • Carl Beebe

    I love Keylemon I have around 3 more days till it expires. I like its simplicity and it works well with win 7 64-bit
    If you want a good face recognition software Go WITH KEYLEMON.
    I just need a license key for KL 2.3.1 Please

  • mani

    I have been looking for centuries for this software….I have win7 and couldnt find even a single software which would work on its x64 version…thanks to the guys at keylemon login will be so cool from now on…..

  • naqib

    it’s make my computer secure…i like it

  • veeramani

    I love Keylemon I have around 10 more time use till it expires. I like its simplicity and it works well with win xp 32-bit
    If you want a good face recognition software Go WITH KEYLEMON.
    I just need a license key for KL 2.3.1 OR (KL 2.0) Please

  • Ahamed Shakeel

    I like Key Lemon Software for ever, It is the best software in the world which provides more security with Best provides and more user friendly. not only that it is so speed to access in key lemon and automatic login facilities is the best for ever.I Like Key Lemon Very Much.

  • kashan

    it is great fun to use keylemon thanks to all of u for making such a great software for us

  • Trennon Rthud

    I just want it so my family membrers will stop looking at my data whie im at the movies or something,it gets irritating coming home finding all your history tabs opened and people using their CC on my computer… I NEED THIS!!!!

  • sneha

    I like Key Lemon Software for ever, It is the best software in the world which provides more security with Best provides and more user friendly. not only that it is so speed to access in key lemon and automatic login facilities is the best for ever.I Like Key Lemon Very Much.

  • Rand

    Never tried it out, I wonder if it better then Blink!

  • Rand

    But I but I missed the free License keys

  • Harish S

    Its a very good software, i like it very much it has very good login screen.

  • madi


  • Ryan

    i love this software but it could use more browsers to open facebook

  • shan

    i like this software but i think this software should help us to login accounts from every browsers

  • Paul

    Certainly not perfect! A very good product, hugely marred by only being licensed to a given PC. Just hope your PC never gets old, since you’ll not be able to move Key Lemon to a new one, or get any sympathetic support about this limitation.

  • Jhoss

    Hi it is good program, I use the similar one Rohos Face Logon Free. I like the way you can hide the video window, no one will know you use a secure authentication.