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Everyone has to format their computers some time or the other. Downloading each program and installing it can be a tedious process. Waiting for each program to download, then installing each one. We will show you an easy way to get popular software installed in one go.

Ninite is a application that allows you to choose multiple software to download and install without the need to manually install each one. It installs software with the default settings and makes sure that unwanted toolbars usually included with software are not installed.

Ninite works on Windows XP, Vista and Seven; 32bit and 64bit are supported. It can automatically detect which you language and download the latest version of the software you want.

To install programs, select the ones you wish to install (all popular software are shown). Click the Get Installer button below the page. Save the file and run it. Ninite will download and install all the programs you selected without any action from the user.

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