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Find information about your hardware & software

Do you know what motherboard you have ? Maybe you want to know your hard drive’s read/write speed ? Just use WinAudit and let it tell you all you need to know !
WinAudit is a freeware that can run a detailed audit of the hardware and software on your computer. There is no installation, its portable so can be run off a USB stick. The interface is simple to understand and use.

The audit contains detailed reports about softwares installed, display drivers, motherboard, bios, network settings, startup programs, process, etc.

WinAudit Screenshot

The report can be exported to text, XML or HTML files. The program also contains a tool to email the report.

Download it here

Personally I was using Everest for benchmarking but this software needs no installation and does a good job. This one is going to stay on my USB stick.

Its a good idea to run this tool before calling up tech support for some computer related issue.

Find information about your hardware & software
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  • chuks ugoji

    what a wonderful tool

  • chuks ugoji

    can you kindly educate me on the functions of a ram in the cpu please