Firestats.com – Best statistics system for WordPress

I have been trying many stat counters for my blogs. Hitstats, Statcounter, Google Analytics and Feedburner Stats Pro to name a few. Recently I Stumbled upon Firestats. Since then, I’ve lost my hobby of looking for new stat counters.

FireStats is a web statistics system developed by Omry Yadan. It is an excellent stats plugin for WordPress and other self-hosted systems. Able to show deatiled informations about who’s visited, referrals, search engine terms, countries, browsers and popular pages on your blog. My blog shows the User Statistics (right sidebar, last widget) using Firestats.

Firestats seems to be the most accurate among all the statistics systems available, allowing you to monitor your website traffic in realtime if need be.

The support for Firestats is just amazing !!! Lets see, Ive opened two tickets so far and they were replied by Omry in a few hours. He really deserves a beer! :-D Firestats is free to use for non-commercial use and 25$ for commercial use.

Moving on to the feature list here is the extract from their site.


  • FireStats protect the privacy of your users, unlike services like Google analytics.
  • Basic hit statistics (hits ever, in last 24 days etc)
  • Recent popular pages
  • Recent referrers
  • Browser and OS trees, grouped by what matters
  • IP to country – know where your visitors are surfing from
  • Search engine keywords
  • A detailed list of recent hits
  • Excluding unwanted hits from the database
    • By IP address
    • By user-agent (to be used to filter bots)
  • Ajax UI, no need to reload the whole page – just press the ‘refresh statistics’ button to get the latest data.
  • Designed to work on all browsers. (Tested on Firefox, Explorer, Opera etc)
  • Internationalization ready (Translating to additional languages is easy)
  • Can monitor multiple sites on the same server
  • Compacts old data to improve performance and reduce used storage

WordPress specific features

  • Exclude hits by Logged in user (to be used mostly to filter blog administrator(s))
  • Can add flag, OS and browser icons to comments
  • Can add statistics to the blog footer
  • Widgets
    • Statistics widget (used on this blog)
    • Popular posts widget (NEW)
Screenshots     Live Demo
Firestats.com – Best statistics system for WordPress
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