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I am a regular reader at many gaming, tech & community forums. Most of the time I go out with my laptop, I am unable to find decent WiFi connectivity which made me search for an offline forum reader of some sort.

That’s when I found Forum Pilot. It allows you to read forums offline by synchronizing the posts at forums you have subscribed to. Think of it as Outlook Express for forums.

Forum Pilot support 4 bulletin board systems (vBulletin, phpBB, Invision Power Board and Ikonboard). Setup is simple, just enter the URL of the forum and the software will show you a list of Categories you can subscribe to. The software then synchronizes with the posts on the forum and downloads them into its database.

  The signatures used in posts are not viewable in Forum Pilot. This is probably because the signatures are not stored on the site.

I was unable to see some sections of the forum I had subscribed to, which were accessible for members only, even though I entered the username and password for the same. An email to the guys at the website said that

” The webmaster has significantly altered the forum’s engine output. This prevents ForumPilot from correctly parsing the site structure. We will examine this issue and let you know when the problem is solved.”

Even though this software misses a support forum, I’m glad that you can contact their website for basic support.

Forum Pilot – Offline forum reader
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