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Most users who get an Audio CD use Windows Media Player to rip the cd. Windows Media Players only allows for the files to be saved as wma, while users would want to save them as mp3. There are many paid rippers out there that can do this. Well we found a freeware for you..

Free CD to MP3 convertor is a freeware that allows users to extract the audio from a CD and convert it to different audio formats. The program is easy to use and supports MP3, Wav, Ogg and Wma formats. Additionally it can also get the title information, normalize the output files and also supports other LAME options.

The software also allows you to record audio with a microphone, which can later be saved as an MP3 file. Maybe you’d like to save a voice recording and set it as the startup sound in Windows ? Well this feature is a lot of fun if you give it some thought.

The normalize feature is very good, unless you like to use other programs like MP3Gain.  What is normalization ? Lets say some CDs are recorded with different volume levels, and some MP3 files may also have different volume levels, with normalization function, you can make all output MP3 or WAV files in the same volume level. No more running to adjust the volume when the song changes !


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  • Wav to Mp3 converter, Mp3 to Wav converter
  • Ogg converter
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  • Support for normalization of audio files
  • Record from microphone or line in, save to Wav or Mp3
  • Gets information from remote CDDB server
  • Easy to use interface
  • Clear the play list of RealOne Player and Windows Media Player

[ Download Free CD to MP3 Converter 2.5 ]

Free CD to MP3 ripper / convertor
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