Free Disk Defragmenter

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UltraDefrag is a free disk defragmenter for Windows XP, NT & Vista. It works very fast since the defragmentation is done by kernel level drivers. It also can also be run during boot up time, this allows for faster defragmentation while also defragmenting system files.

The disk defragmenter can be run in single file, multiple folders or full drive modes. It can then generate a list of files that are fragmented. There is also a portable version of the software for techies on the move.

Features of UltraDefrag

  • Small size written in C
  • Uses Microsoft’s Defrag API for safety
  • Portable
  • Fast disk degragmenter using kernel driver
  • Simple to use
  • x64 support
  • Defragments system files
  • Single file or directory defragmentation modes
  • Free, Opensource
  • Offline documentation

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Free Disk Defragmenter
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