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We have a small office and keeping track of login and logout times of employees were quite hard. There are options like biometric fingerprint scanners that are commonly used to keep track of employees time and attendance. We wanted an online software that could do the same for us, since all employees have access to computers. Online time attendance software can help with payroll and leave calculations as well. Most of these software are paid and cost a lot depending on the number of employees in the organization.

Opensource Employee Time Attendance Software Online

TimeTrex is one of the only opensource and free employee time and attendance software available. It can be installed on a webserver online or on a server within your lan setup. Installing Time Trex is simple. If you are hosting time trex on the webserver, just copy the files into a directory, start the installation and it will guide you through the process. On a LAN setup your would need to install a local server like wamp and do the same.

Time Trex comes with employee scheduling options. Employees can submit requests for specific schedules and apply for personal leaves online.

Time Trex allows you to track employees attendance in real time from anywhere in the world. Since the software works online, employees can login from any corner of the world and managers can see the information instantly. Leave accurals and other policies can be applied easily as well. Meal policies and break policies help you to setup the amount of time that an employee can logout for breaks. The help managers monitor employees when they are on breaks exceeding the allowed time.

It has an intergrated payroll system as well. Tax calculation are also handled. Payrolls can be made in just one clicks and printing checks are also easy.

The software also comes in a paid model which has additional features like job costing, document managements and the ability to login using fingerprint scanners and phone.

Overall Time Trex is one of the best free online time and attendance software available. Do give it a try and leave a comment below. Select the manual installation option if you plan to install the software on your own webserver. Check out the demo section before you download.

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Free Opensource Employee Time Attendance Software
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