Free up RAM usage – Memory Cleaner

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Many programs written for Window XP do not clean up their used RAM when you exit the application. Lesser RAM means your computer will work slower. Windows Vista and windows 7 have considerably much better memory management than XP but this program can help increase your computer’s performance.

Memory Cleaner is a free memory management program that can help free up unused memory. It can also clear the system cache and trim the memory used by a program.

The program is quite lite, only 375KB and is very simple to use.


  1. Trims processes’ working set.
  2. Clears system cache.
  3. Monitors RAM usage and reports minimum, maximum and average.
  4. Reports Pagefile and virtual memory usage.

Download Memory Cleaner

I would also like to wish all the readers a Happy New Year 2010.

Free up RAM usage – Memory Cleaner
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