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How to automatically shutdown computer

Lets say you want to download or update programs while you are away from the computer but want it to shut down after some time ?

How to automatically shut down windows computer

AMP WinOFF is a tiny program that allows you to automate the windows xp shutdown. There are three method to choose when the computer has to shutdown. You can set a specific time (eg. 03:15 am), set a timer (eg. 45 min) or when the CPU is idle. The programs also allows you to log off, restart, hibernate or lock the computer instead of a complete shutdown.



  • Shut down the computer at certain hour (e.g. at 12:00).
  • Shut down the computer in several minutes (e.g. in 15 minutes).
  • Shut down the computer when the CPU becomes idle.
  • Several types of shut down (shut down, restart, log off, power off, suspend, hibernate and lock computer).
  • Option to hang up the modem instead of doing a shut down.
  • Option to set a password to protect the access to the configuration.
  • Complete command line support for batch process.
  • Option to capture the desktop and/or execute a program before the shut down.
  • Option to run the program when starting Windows session, for daily programmed shut down.
  • Immediate shut down and computer lock from the traybar icon menu.
  • Option for show an alert window, which allow the cancellation of the shut down.

[ Download AMP WinOFF ]

How to automatically shutdown computer
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