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How to Download Podcasts

Podcasts are video or audio files that are usually a part of a series. They can be played on iPods and iPhone and are usually the best way to track a show that you like.

Itunes can download podcasts and such it with these devices. What if you just want to download podcasts and keep it as a collection on your computer ? Let us show you a simple freeware utility that can help you with podcast downloads.

How to Download Podcasts

Sansync is a podcast downloader that can download podcasts and allows you to view them in your favourite video player.

After installing the program go to click on the add podcasts option under the podcasts menu. After adding a podcast you can select which episodes you want the program to download.

You can also choose to auto sync when new podcasts are available for download. If you need help setting up podcasts, see Sansycn’s Instruction page.

Download Sansycn

How to Download Podcasts
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