How to send sms from computer using Sony Ericsson phones

Those of using Sony Ericsson phones must be familiar with the PC Suite software that comes with the phone. Since I am in the Philippines, I usually have to send a lot of SMS. This country is unique that people always send SMS and almost never call each other, due to high call rates. That is why its called the text capital of the world. Back on topic, since I spend so much time in front of the computer, I like to use the computer to receive and send SMS.

PC Suite software provided with the phones have one big problem. Every time you try to delete more than 10 text messages the program with crash and do nothing. Also didn’t like the memory usage of this software. So how else can we do this ?

MyPhoneExplorer is a freeware that allows to do most common tasks on your phone while its connected to the computer. You can sync the phone, send SMS, browse files, change phone settings and call people all without ever touching your phone.

To send and check SMS on your phone just connect the phone to your computer using the USB cable. Start MyPhoneExplorer, click File > Connect or (F1) and then click on messages. You can view all your SMS from this screen, you can even reply or create new messages here.

Another interesting feature of this software is its ability to sync the address book and organizer (calendar events) with common programs like Outlook, ThunderBird and Gmail among a few.

You can also browse your contacts on the phone and make calls to them using the phone. Once a call is made the software has options to turn on the speakerphone, control volume and send keypad tones. It also gives an option to make the call via skype.

Know any other software that can do this ? Share with us by leaving a comment below.

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How to send sms from computer using Sony Ericsson phones
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