How to speedup your computers startup process

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Has your computer been taking ages to startup ? You start the computer, make coffee and come back by the time the system has finished booting up ?

Why is the computer slow at startup ?

When your computer running Windows starts up, it attempts to load all the programs listed in the startup file at the same time. This will cause a lot of load on the CPU, which tries to allocate time to each program. There is also a lot of hard drive activity during this time, as each program tries to find its related data. All this combined makes your computer slow during startup.

How to make it load faster ?

Startup Delayer is a nifty lil program that allows you to delay programs from loading a few seconds after Windows has started.

In the above image, we have delayed QuickTime to load after 26 seconds and the Java Updater to load after 32 seconds.

[ Download Startup Delayer ]

How to speedup your computers startup process
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