HTC Touch Free Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade

I have been running a custome ROM of windows mobile 6 on my HTC touch for quite some time now. Now HTC is offering a free upgrade to Windows Mobile 6 from the standard WM 5. This offer is valid only till October 31. So grab it while it lasts.

You can download the official release from the link below

HTC Touch – Operating system [ROM] Update WM 6.0

Incase you missed out on the official upgrade, you can use the Custom ROM.

How to upgrade to a custom ROM of windows mobile 6.1

  1. Download [ROM][WWE]V4.0 Blue Touch ROM CE OS 5.2.1921(45MB)
  2. Follow the instruction included in the package.

What does this ROM contain ?


Adobe Reader LE
WM6 Office 6.1
OneNote Mobile 2007
.NET Compact Framework 3.5.7283.0 (New)
LG Prada Menu Plug-in (New)
GS Finder (New)
GSAlarm Clock (New)
Esmertec Jbed 20070808.2.1 (New)
Network Wizard
BT Crawler
Touch OEM HTC Home_2.1.1005.722.0s with Tab-Setting (New)
Schaps Advanced Configuration Tool 1.1 (Great tool with some helpful registry tweaks, re-mapping softkeys, etc.)
Window Live Messenger
HTC Audio Manager 1.2.919.713
HTC Task Manager 1.51

LG Prada menu plugin

Comm Manager 10 Buttons – Touch
Arcsoft MMS 4.0
Hibernate 1.4
PHM Regedit
Touch Settings 1.22
PIMBackup 2.7 (New)
Start Clean
Windows Media Player with Touch Style Skin
Keyboard Skin
Glossy Black Bars
HTC Camera Album (Can be launch from Cube’s Photo and Video in Portrait orientation)
HTC Action Screen (Permanently mapped to left softkey)
Elf Style Calculator Skin
WM5Torage 1.8 (New)

This ROM was posted on the XDA forums. I am not the one who made it. Please visit the Xda-forums for any issue with your HTC Touch, you can always find help there. Also note that installing custom ROM’s is risky. Use at your own discretion. (I had no problem upgrading myself)

Read the original page with this ROM here.

HTC Touch Free Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade
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