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Imagine you have to send a message to multiple contacts. Now each of those people receiving the email will see a huge header with the names and email addresses of everyone you sent the mail to. My company faced this problem recently when they sent out Christmas greetings to all the clients and some of them started contacting each other.

MapiLab, a leading software developer for Microsoft Outlook Addins, has made a few helpfull tools to help manage email easily.

Send Personally is Microsoft Outlook Add-in that is designed to send a message to multiple contacts, one by one. Now your contacts will think that the email was sent personally to them ! Once the program is installed click the “Send Personally” button instead of the usual Send button. You can download a free trial of this addin here.

There are a few other addins that caught my eye on visiting their website.

E-mail Follow-Up is a Microsoft Outlook add-in that reminds you to send follow-up e-mail messages if a reply has not been received within a specified time. Emails play and important role in business deals and office communications. The amount of emails received in a day can sometimes takes most of an employee’s time and it is common to forget replying to emails. This addin can help by automatically sending follow up messages or remind you if a reply hasnt been received.

Actual Contacts is another cool addin that can check your address book for invalid email addresses. This addin imitates sending an email to the contact, it then waits for the server to confirm if the email ID is valid. Once the confirmation has been received, it cancels sending the email and closes the session. The contact does not receive any email and will not know about this test.

You can find a complete listing of all Outlook addins at MAPILab add-ins for MS Outlook

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Microsoft Outlook Addins
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