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Microsoft Security Essentials – Free Antivirus from Microsoft

security-essentials-logoIn September 2009, Microsoft announced it new antivirus / antispyware software called Microsoft Security Essentials. This was part of another effort by Microsoft to convince users to buy genuine software. Security Essentials is free for Genuine Windows users.

By introducing Microsoft Security Essentials, the company hopes that more people who are unprotected will start using the software, thereby increases the damaged security reputation of Windows. If you would like to read a full review on the software you may do so at MobilityMinded.


Lets move onto the software, its intallation and performance. Microsoft Security Essentials can be downloaded directly from Microsoft. The installation file is only a mere 4.3 MB and the procedure is simple. After the installation is done the software needs to perform an update before it starts scanning.


There are 3 options for scanning :- Quick, Full and Custom. The quick scan searches the critical areas of Windows for any viruses or spyware. It scanned 41,500 files in under 2 minutes, which I am quite impressed with. Custom scans allow you to scan a specific folder or file that you consider to be suspicious.


Overall I like Microsoft Security Essentials, it has effectively replaced my previous antivirus and looked like its going to stay that was for a long time to come.

Download Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus

Microsoft Security Essentials – Free Antivirus from Microsoft
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  • fractalbrothers

    the insane annoyingness of genuine advantage notifications is enough to convince someone with the cash to get a legit copy of Windows! I don’t know that Microsoft security essentials will be the determining factor ;-)
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    seems microsofts new way of handling piracy is bug them till they give up

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  • Dan Coppen

    @fractalbrothers there’s actually a way to remove those “unwanted” genuine notifications. =)

    Anyway,though this might be a good option for most users, I’m really doubting Microsoft’s capability to protect PCs with this.

    Other security companies devote a lot of resources in figuring out viruses, in creating updates to virus database, etc… Can we say the same for Microsoft? The bottom line is if MS can deploy critical updates as fast as hackers evolve.

    alsO, Considering the fact that a lot of users have this program, then hackers might specifically expose this.

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