Monthly Expense Tracking – 3 free services that can help you in budgeting

Being a student ( I am studying to become a commercial pilot ), my cash resources are pretty limited. After suddenly finding out that I had blown up all my saving, I decided it was time i looked for some kind of a expense report software. I needed to keep a track of my monthly expenses and do a little budgeting. While there are well known applications like Quicken or Microsoft Money, I am not an accounting student. I need something simple that can handle my daily expenses like food and gas. So here are 3 online and 1 offline tools that could help you.


  • Expense Income Budgetting
  • Reports by graphs and charts
  • Add expenses to categories
  • Enter transactions through Google gadget or iPhone
  • Very Simple and Easy to enter transactions


  • Set Budgets
  • Run Reports
  • Auto – Sync with your Bank account to keep report up to date
  • Import data from bank through csv and other formats
  • Access from your mobile phone
  • Google and Facebook gadgets
  • Keep track of spending and people you owe money

Just Budget

  • Monthly Budgets
  • Categorize expenses
  • Overview Reports

Offline Software

If you need an offline software to track your expenses, there is an open source software called Buddi. It runs on Mac, OS and Windows as long as you have the virtual Java Machine installed.

Read more about Buddi

Monthly Expense Tracking – 3 free services that can help you in budgeting
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