Nero 9 Free Download

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Been burning a lot of DVD’s lately and realised its time for me to update my DVD burning software. Nero is what I have been using for as long as I can remember, so it wasnt a surprise that I had to download Nero 9

Nero 9 is an integrated digital media software suite. It contains everything you need to burn and rip DVD’s and even allows copying & editing music and movies. Another reason to download Nero 9 is due to its ability to import Powerpoint presentations and convert it to DVD video.

The Nero 9 suite includes 20+ application which can help you with many tasks. Here is a list

  1. Nero StartSmart – Like a wizard that can help you find things in Nero
  2. Nero Express -The Burning Engine of Nero 9
  3. Nero ShowTime – DVD & Music Player
  4. Nero CoverDesigner – Create labels for your DVD and print them
  5. Nero Live – Watch and record TV
  6. Nero Vision – The video editing and authoring program
  7. Nero Live Gadget – Watch TV on Vista sidebar
  8. Nero DiscSpeed – Test the speed and performance of your drive
  9. Nero DiscCopy – Sidebar gadget, 1 click disk copy
  10. Nero DriveSpeed – Reduce drive noise levels by controlling the reading speed
  11. Nero WaveEditor – Audio editing and recording program
  12. Nero BurnRights – Lets users without administrative rights burn discs
  13. Nero SoundTrax – Mix music in a virtual multitrack music studio (DJ)
  14. Nero RescueAgent – Recover files from damaged media
  15. Nero Recode – Recode DVD movies to DVD or hard drive
  16. Nero InfoTool – Info about installed drives, inserted discs, installed software
  17. Nero PhotoSnap – Photo Editor
  18. InCD – Use your rewritable disc like a big floppy disk
  19. Nero PhotoSnap Viewer – Photo album software
  20. Nero Burning ROM- Disv Burning software

Nero 9 Download

You can get a free trial download of Nero 9 or download Nero 9 Update. Nero is also offering 3 months of free online backup (1GB).

Nero 9 Free Download
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