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Online Password Manager that can Sync with Browsers

Password-LockerRecently I had to format my computer, suddenly it dawned on me that most of my passwords were saved in the browser with a master password. Haven’t entered them manually in ages, thus don’t remember most of them. So need a password manager that stores all the login details online.

LastPass is a free password manager that works with IE and Firefox. It can also fill in forms and automatically log you in to your favorite websites. It is also able to import password from Firefox, IE, Keepass, etc.

Now some of you may be concerned about the security threat a password manager might bring. Not to worry, LastPass stores the login details in and encryted form of their servers. This information is decryted on your computer once you enter the main password/key for LastPass. This keeps the login info secure and prevents theft of the info while in transit from their servers.

Most people use the same password for most websites. This is a huge security risk considering that if one site is compromised you risk looking all your accounts. With LastPass, you can have strong, unique passwords for each site.

LastPass also has a portable version that can be installed on USB drives or portable Firefox.

LastpassFeatures of LastPass Password Manager

  • One Master Password
  • Automatic Form Filling
  • One Click Login
  • Secure Your Data
  • Synchronize Across Browsers
  • Store Secure Notes
  • Import Existing Passwords
  • Export your data to a text file
  • Backup & Restore – Never lose another password
  • Generate Secure Passwords
  • Access your data anywhere

For some reason it didnt import my passwords from Firefox ! Madhur had a post of 10 password managers and this is the best one if found among them.

Try LastPass

Online Password Manager that can Sync with Browsers
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  • Looks like a useful piece of software. But to be honest, I would never trust it fully. I prefer storing my complex passwords in a notebook on my desk. Pretty old school, huh. ;)
    .-= Robb´s last blog ..Lightweight Browser? The only solution… =-.

  • Yup no matter how much secure they say software is, I can never trust them fully. But loosing all my logins and passwords again, no ty id rather take the risk

    thats my state of mind right now hehe

  • ps3

    I’ve been searching for apps like onepassword for PC for quite sometimes, but never trust it enough to use them. Maybe I’ll give this one a try and use it to store only not so sensitive like forum logins.

  • I only trust open source password managers. So I will stick with KeePass.

  • Dana

    When it comes to remembering passwords, I let technology take care of it. I used to write down my passwords earlier, but that didn’t work. That’s when I started using a password manager. Always use a password manager that’s certified, like Billeo ( It is VeriSign secured and TRUSte certified. It has a host of other features too.