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SmartUAC – Replace Vista UAC with a better alternative

How many times did you have to click “continue” on the Vista UAC for programs that you run everyday. If only there was a way for UAC to remember that you allowed the program before and not ask you everytime.


We had written about one such tool, Norton UAC. This free program allows you to remember your UAC choice for different programs.

SmartUAC is another UAC replacement alternative for Vista. So why is this better than the Norton UAC ? It has a database of programs which blocks the program if it is considered to be malicious. When Smart UAC identifies malicious program, a red prompt window appears and asks you weather you want to kill detected threat or allow it.

The software also allows you to remember your choices for different programs. It can then automatically allow or deny them, the next time you run it.


SmartUAC will scan every program that is run and check them for trojans, spyware and other malicious software against its inbuilt databse. The database used by SmartUAC is updated regularly via the internet. You can also whitelist and blacklist programs and manage them from the SmartUAC settings.


Would I recommend this over Norton UAC ? Hmmm I am quite happy with Norton’s AUC replacement and dont really need a program to tell me if the file is safe or not.

Download SmartUAC

SmartUAC – Replace Vista UAC with a better alternative
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