Uninstall Internet Explorer 7 – How to

Recently I had written an article on how to uninstall windows media player 11. I received a few requests for a guide on how to uninstall Internet Explorer 7. Before we begin, I recommend you have an alternate browser like Firefox installed as a backup.

Steps to uninstall Internet Explorer 7

  1. Open Control Panel, click Add or Remove Programs, and then click Remove a program.
  2. Check the Show Updates check-box on top of the add/remove list. (This is very important as you will not be able to see the software updates installed without checking this box.)
  3. Select Windows Internet Explorer 7 from the list and click Remove.
  4. Follow the wizard instructions to complete the process.
  5. Now select and remove each of the Security Update for Windows Internet Explorer 7.

  6. Once you are done close the add/remove programs and restart your computer.
  7. If you had IE 6 earlier you will have it again.

You can also check Microsoft’s guide here.

Uninstall Internet Explorer 7 – How to
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