Updatestar.com – update your software

Want to keep all your software updated as soon as an update is available ? Keep checking different forums and newsletters to find updates ? Then Updatestar is for you !

Updatestar scans your system for installed application and checks if updates are available. Currently it is reported to support updates for more than 80.000 software products. They have also partnered with many software vendors to provide competitive prices and special offers for any subscriptions you may need.

The program scan found 67 products installed and 6 updates were found after scanning for about a minute.

Since I formatted my computer recently I hadn’t got the chance to reinstall many programs I use. These programs still exist on my drive though not in my registry. Updatestar was unable to find these products. So, I guess it works only for programs installed in the registry.

Overall this seems to be a very useful software. Should help me cut down the RSS feeds and newsletters that I subscribe to for updates.

Updatestar.com – update your software
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