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Use IM / control Music in WoW or any game without Alt+Tab

playxpertoverlayWe’ve all had to alt tab while playing games to access websites, change music or chat with friends on IM’s. Alt tabbing generally takes time as the game run in full screen and can sometimes cause the game to crash.

PlayXpert is a game overlay that allows you to surf the internet, control music through winamp, chat with friends on IM’s, access google gadgets and mail, among other things all without alt tabbing out of a game !


It offers a semi transparent overlay that works at the kernel level. This means that it works with almost any game and does not stop working even if there is an update for the game. The software comes with default set of widgets which contains a web browser (CSS and Javascript supported), a task manager, CPU, network & memory usage meter along with the features mentioned before.

PlayXpert is easily extendable with a database of widgets. There are widgets like, Gmail, RSS Reader, Armory checker and Notepad. Also has a widget for TeamSpeak, so now you know who is making whose funny noises on TS while you are raiding.


It supports XP and Vista 32 bit. 64 bit version of this software is still under development. Unfortunately on testing we found that the ingame overlay does not work on Vista (even 32 bit version), thus this is useful only if you are running XP.

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Use IM / control Music in WoW or any game without Alt+Tab
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