Visualizer Photo Resize – Save disk space without loosing quality

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I own a Cannon PowerShot 470 camera and use it quite a bit to take photographs when I am flying or go on vacations. As most owners of high mega pixel camera’s would have noticed, each photo takes about 1-2 MB. This can take a huge chunck of the disk space. I have been using this freeware that allows your to reduce the space of the photo without loosing any image quality.

Visualizer Photo Resize is a freeware that can batch (multiple) convert or resize images between different formats and sizes. It supports JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TGA, TIFF, PSD & PSP formats. Images can be resized to sizes that can be specified on the starting screen of the program.

The magic of Visualizer Photo Resize lies in its ability to optimize images. Just go through the resize wizard while checking the do no resize option. This will keep the original size of the image and will also compress it to save disk space. This does not affect the quality of the image as far as I have seen. The image below shows how it saved 150+mb while optimising the latest set of pictures I took on my digital camera.

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Visualizer Photo Resize – Save disk space without loosing quality
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