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Windows Registry Protection Software

Protect yourself from spywareThe registry is the backbone of the Windows OS. Viruses and Spyware change the registry settings to add items to the startup. Most antivirus do not offer protection for the registry. The freeware below is able to provide this protection by notifying the user when the registry is being changed.

RegistryProt is a free software that provides registry monitoring and protection. It monitors important keys in the windows registry and alerts the user when a key is changed or added. It then allows the user to delete the key or revert back to the original settings.


The program is very compact (30kb) and uses very little memory while running. The software does not seem to support Vista. If your antivirus does not offer protection for the registry, you might want to grab this.

[ Download RegistryProt ]

Windows Registry Protection Software
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  • Randy

    Thanks I was really looking for a program that could do this. Going to try this now.

  • Sushmitha

    I read that WFP in Windows versions earlier to Vista work with the help of SFC(System File Checker). Whereas with Vista, we have WRP. Can someone tell me how the registry protection is done… Also the copy of protected files is present in WinSXS, so where would the copy of the protected registries…