Download Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview

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Microsoft has released a technical preview of Office 2010. We have applied for a technical preview as well, still waiting to get our copy.

Features of Microsoft Office 2010

  • Web Applications – Office will work inside browsers, which will be powered by Silverlight technology from Microsoft.
  • Image and Video Editing – Word and Powerpoint will have inbuilt image and video editor
  • Paste Preview – See how the document will look before pasting from the clipboard
  • New File Menu – Office 2010 takes the ribbon menu in 2007 further with more improvements
  • Stronger Security Options

For more info on the features, be sure to read The 5 Most Intriguing Features and 10 Reasons You’ll Love Office 2010.

Also read / see the Screenshot tour of Microsoft Office 2010 over at Techie-Buzz.

To get a chance to test drive Microsoft Office 2010 register for the technical preview.

Download Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview
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