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File Sharing sites blocked in India by DoT

File Sharing sites have been blocked in India on the instruction of Dot (Department of Telecom). On Airtel connection you get this message when you try to access a domain that has been blocked. If you reload the page, it lets you access the same. Seems like Airtel if giving a warning to its customers before completely blocking the websites. Other ISP providers like Aircel have also started blocking access to Mediafire, rapidshare  and other file hosting websites.

The following file sharing websites are currently showing this message. blocked blocked blocked blocked blocked blocked blocked blocked blocked blocked blocked blocked blocked blocked blocked blocked

Many of these sites can be access now if you reload the page, but we expect this to be permanently blocked soon. We found this blocked notice while trying to watch freely available Japanese anime on video sharing sites. These video sharing sites start playing the video but stop every few minutes due to data being blocked. They will continue playing if you reload or skip to another time in the video.

The Department of Telecom should understand that blocking access to file sharing or file hosting sites don’t stop piracy. There are thousands of torrent sites and file sharing sites, the more they block the more new sites will popup. This reminds us of the time the DoT blocked an adult indian cartoon site called “Savitha Babhi”. It made the headlines in news channels for a few days, in the end the author just started the site with a new domain and even more readers that he had in the beginning. There are rumors floating around that porn sites will also be blocked soon.

What is surprising is that Youtube has more pirated content that the other video hosting websites yet they have not been blocked !

How to access blocked sites

For now they easiest way to access blocked sites if by using a proxy server. Just do a google search for proxy server or web proxy and continue enoying access to these sites. You can also use software like Tor, Ultrareach or browser addons like Quickproxy.

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File Sharing sites blocked in India by DoT
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  • m

    i have been a regular aircel user since their monthly internet scheme started.Now they are pulling stunts by blocking the file sharing sites that are the most important for any internet user . Moreover they’ve also blocked the blogging sites.

    What do they expect us to use the 3GB data usage and a month validity for ?? Just check the emails or facebook accounts ? How much can a person surf on the net ??

    They can never stop piracy but these sites also hold a lot of important data with software updates .

    By blocking these sites there is less to do for the people who bought the telecom services specially for this purpose.

    Aircel gained a lot of customers by introducing the monthly cheap internet plan . Now by blocking these sites it will lose all those customers who will now opt for other methods .

    Once again fuck you aircel and most of all the Department of Telecom fuckers for putting restriction on the internet. Which was supposed to be totally free and without any control.


  • renukashah

    piracy can never be stopped…the main use of internet around 80%+ is for free pirated content download and yet downloading pirated content is not an offense. yaa but uploading and sharing such pirated content is an offence.

  • sagat

    Bloody fascist assholes