Find bugs in Google Chrome and get 1337$

Chrome has in a short span of time, become a leading browser. It has been happily gnawing away at IE and Firefox user base. Still remember the first time I used Chrome and immediately decided to switch over from Firefox. Firefox on the other hand has a much better selection of addons in my opinion.

In order to make Chrome getter, a new scheme has been started which rewards users for reporting bugs. They have announced on the Chromium blog that a reward of 500$ will be paid for every new, unreported bug that is posted to their bugtracker.

If the reported bug is a important security loophole or clever enough, the reward is much higher at 1337$ (for those who didn’t get it 1337 = LEET/ELITE)

Only previously unreported bugs are eligible and in case of multiple people reporting the same bug, the first reported will get the reward.

The future for Chrome looks bright, rewarding people for reporting bugs is only going to make is a much more stable browser. Firefox has a similar reward system is anyone is interested.

So if you know any bug or seen something weird happening with Chrome or Firefox, the time is not go report it and get rewarded !

Find bugs in Google Chrome and get 1337$
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