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Google Adsense Payment Tracking

adsensemoneyGoogle Adsense had started beta testing of payment tracking after making a deal with BlueDart courier in India. This is awesome news for me. I’m currently in the Philippines but the payments always go to India. Every month I’m worried if the payment was received and if it was desposited to my bank account. This new feature from Google shows who accepted the courier along with the date and time. Keep up the good work guys. I’m loving it !

Here are some images to show you how to track the payment.


Enter the tracking number on bluedart’s page to see the details


Google Adsense Payment Tracking
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  • I also received my check this time from Google Hyderabad office via bluedart but they didn’t gave any tracking code.

    Also there is no MICR code printed on my cheque :cry:

  • You should be able to find the tracking code on the payments page in google. It will not be on the cheque. If you still cant find it, I’m guessing that since its a beta program your account was not included.

  • Certainly I have wrote a post on this issue.
    See here: “Google messes up Adsense payments this time”:

  • Rafique

    Hi Alfred,pls really need help i want to open a adsense account,but when i fill up the form it shows i have put the wrong postal code even when i put correct one,I have checked with the indiapost website,i put correct one but i don’t know why it shows wrong postal code.Should i go to any google offices for this or if you have any idea regarding this pls send me a email.

  • Hmm i don’t think any of the local Google offices can help you with this.

    Did you choose the country as India before entering the postal code ? If you still get this error, head over to Adsense help and ask your question there.

  • neha

    thanks for information
    i am very excited o will be back for more visit