Microsoft Office 2007 Compatibility Pack

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Today I received a doc file made using Microsoft Office 2007. Since I use an older version of Office, I was unable to open it. Thats when I learnt about the Compatibility Pack.

Microsoft has released the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack for users who are using an older version of Microsoft Office (Office 2000, Office XP, or Office 2003).

When you try opening a file made with Office 2007, the compatibility pack will convert the file so that it can be opened with an older version of Office. While saving the file, the pack converts the file back to Office 2007 format.

If you dont want to upgrade to the new version of MS Office, its recommended that you download this pack from Microsoft to avoid any compatibility issues.

Download Office 2007 Compatibility Pack

Note :- This pack does not require Windows Genuine validation to download.

Microsoft Office 2007 Compatibility Pack
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